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Recent HR News Releases

December 2014

USA - Stress, fatigue and reduced productivity: the true cost of sleepless workers revealed

June 2014

Belgium - Five steps to unlock Big Data for SMEs

March 2014

UK - UK workplaces show significant increased spend on mental health training

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Human Resource Management Articles

 Looking to the future - are your feet on the ground or in the clouds?
March 20 2015 - In this article, Mark McKergow explores the various ways in which managers and leaders view the future including the dreamer, the realist, the business planner and the host.

 UK Employment Statistics
March 18 2015 - The unemployment rate stands at 5.7% - down 0.3% on the quarter and 1.5% down over the year.

 National Minimum Wage Increases
March 17 2015 - The adult (aged 21 and over) minimum wage rate will increase from £6.50 to £6.70 an hour in October.

 Canadian Unemployment Rate At 6.8%
March 13 2015 - Statistics Canada reported that employment changed little in February but unemployment rose by 0.2% to 6.8% as more people joined the job market.

 Australian Employment Statistics
March 12 2015 - Seasonally adjusted, unemployment fell by 0.1% to 6.3% and the number of people in employment rose by 15,600 to 11,652,400.

 US Unemployment At 5.5%
March 6 2015 - Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 295,000 in February, and the unemployment rate fell by 0.2 percent to 5.5 percent.

 Recruitment - Is Retention the Real Minefield?
January 7 2015 - In the third of a series of articles, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software argues that effective Performance and Talent Management systems should be in place so that the candidate, who has been carefully selected, can be nurtured throughout their career.

 Recruitment - Now Less of a Minefield?
December 9 2014 - In this, the second article, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software examines the vital next steps and takes a look at additional ways to ensure a recruitment strategy really delivers

 Eight tips to making your company Christmas video stand out
December 2 2014 - As the Christmas season draws closer, company Christmas videos start to circulate to employees, customers, partners and associates.

 Recruitment - Still a Minefield?
November 12 2014 - In the first of a series of articles, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software looks at implementing an HR Strategy that Delivers Optimum Results.

 A modern business needs a mobile workforce
October 24 2014 - The modern employee is no longer tied to an office desktop. Whether it is on a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, employees are increasingly taking their work with them wherever they go.

   Accountants heading abroad
October 10 2014 - Nearly two in three accountants will be job hunting within the next 6 to 12 months.

 It's time to focus on Candidate care
September 12 2014 - Unfortunately the negative feeling and publicity surrounding recruitment agencies is largely self inflicted. Like any industry there are great practitioners and there are cowboys operating in the space.

 ACAS Early Conciliation - Is it Working?
September 9 2014 - Ian Abel of Michael Lewin Solicitors comments on ACAS statistics regarding the first quarter of Early Conciliation

 Six Essential Leadership Skills For Today's Leader
September 5 2014 - A careful examination of the various definitions of "leader" presents a fascinating and brief explanation of great leadership.

Global - Can software make better hiring decisions than people?
August 6 2014 - A new breed of software claims to be able to select employees who perform better.

 Managing an Expanding Retail Workforce
June 30 2014 - For the first time in years, the news for retailers is looking positive. As a result, employment levels are increasing, with both full time and temporary contracts rising.

Global - Company Culture: Giving Your Employees The Tools To Succeed
June 19 2014 - Helping employees set and reach goals is a critical part of every manager's job

Global - Competencies: Developing a Culture of Employee Accountability
June 19 2014 - Now with the increased talk of a skills gap, the focus on training couldn't happen soon enough.

 Ontario Family Caregivers Bill
April 30 2014 - Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendments Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2014, passed its third reading in the Ontario legislature with all party support.

 Preventing Workplace Violence
April 7 2014 - Employers should positively engage a small but dangerous minority of employees, supervise them closely and make sure they get the help they need.

 What Does the Next-generation Worker Expect from the Modern Employer?
March 21 2014 - This is a question that gets asked a lot but the answer is simple: the next-generation worker expects use of state-of-the-art technology, mobile working and the adoption of social media within the enterprise.

 Paperless HR?
March 20 2014 - Isn't it time that HR managers took a serious look at eliminating - or at least reducing - paper?

 What NOT TO DO in a Team Offsite
February 25 2014 - "Teambuilding" is a much maligned word. From our experience, here are a few things that Teambuilding providers need to keep in mind.

 Big Work Survey Reveals UK is Nation of Stressed Staff
February 18 2014 - While a certain level of stress can certainly be a good thing, unmanageable levels of stress can have a very negative impact on both performance and employee health.

 TUPE Regulations changes 31st January 2014
February 17 2014 - The reforms which come into force on January 31 2014 are intended to reduce bureaucracy and increase flexibility surrounding the regulations. For many employers though, particularly small businesses, the new TUPE rules still do not go nearly far enough.

 Coaching to improve youth employability
January 17 2014 - When young people have a positive outlook, self-belief and skills for the workplace they are happier, sleep better and are more well-behaved.

 Men still earning more than women Australia wide
January 15 2014 - Women earn a mere 64% of the average man's wage and salary income across Australia, according to a recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

 Employment law - what to expect in 2014
January 15 2014 - Happy New Employment Year! 2014 promises to be another year of substantial change in UK employment law.

 Settlement Agreements - a guide for employers
December 18 2013 - A Settlement Agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement) is a legally binding confidential agreement between you and your employee.

 The New Parental Leave rules - what they mean for the workplace
December 18 2013 - New statutory rules first trailed last year, have now been announced as coming into force in April 2015, which allow working mothers to effectively share their statutory maternity leave and pay entitlement with their partners.

 HR app asks workers "how d'you feel right now?"
December 16 2013 - John Telfer, managing director at IBP looks at alternative methods for obtaining employee feedback and explains why a healthy dose of gaming theory can bring surprising results.

 Big Data - Turning the Data Deluge into Strategic Value
December 3 2013 - While the focus in many companies is on long term projects to improve customer understanding, there are other areas of the business, most notably employee recruitment and development, where big data should be making a real difference.

 Rise in UK Living Wage good news for low paid workers
November 27 2013 - Over 30,000 low paid workers stand to benefit from a rise in the 'UK Living Wage' rate worth up to £400 a year recently announced during Living Wage Week at the start of November

Global - Multicultural Business Meetings: How to Avoid Getting Lost in Translation
November 11 2013 - Culture impacts everything you do. This follows on into areas of business such as the meeting - how cultures approach, run and conclude meetings differ.

 Implications for business following the findings of the Government's consultation on the prevention of illegal working regime
November 11 2013 - Nearly 500 individuals, employers and representative organisations responded to the Government's consultation indicating broad support for the Government's aims to get tough on rogue employers whilst supporting compliant employers.

 Further Changes to Employment Law - October 2013
November 8 2013 - October brought further amendments to the law regarding executive pay, national minimum wage, third party harassment provisions and pension protection from TUPE.

 Make Your Case: How HR leaders can get CEO sign-off for HR expenditures
October 25 2013 - As the HR leader, itís your job to communicate the importance of your initiatives and secure the resources you need to drive results for your department and the organization.

 How Culture Impacts Teamwork and What You Can Do About it
October 24 2013 - A lack of attention to cross-cultural communication in a team setting can bury your organisation in strife, muted conflict, poor motivation and worse.

 Women SME owners doing better than men
October 16 2013 - Women SME (small and medium enterprises) owners in New Zealand are outperforming their male counterparts in a number of important areas according to a national survey.

 InterviewStream Transforms Video Interviews with WebRTC
October 3 2013 - Today's video platforms allow recruiters and hiring managers to conduct live and pre-recorded interviews with any candidate in any location, at any time - significantly reducing travel costs and scheduling hassles.

 Religious Clothing and the Rights of Employees - What Should an Employer do if an employee wishes to wear a veil/ other religious clothing?
October 2 2013 - There has been much recent discussion about the wearing of face veils in public and particularly in the workplace.

 Summer changes to employment law and tribunal rules
October 2 2013 - 2013 has been an important year for business owners, HR specialists and employment law practitioners with staged implementation of various changes to employment law and tribunal rules.

 Engineering & IT Fuel August Rise in Permanent UK Jobs
September 19 2013 - A new job survey suggests that the labour market in the UK continues to strengthen as the total number of job vacancies increased at the sharpest rate in over six years.

 OHS and the HR profession
September 10 2013 - The OHS field is vast and to effectively manage the risk within organizations, you need the expertise on board to do it! In this article we will be reviewing the OHS program administration requirements.

 Government declares that "Firms have a duty to hire Britons" but what are the implications for employers?
August 14 2013 - Surely such an approach amounts to discrimination, and downplays the merits of a flexible labour market? Or is it time for UK businesses that rely on migrant workers to rethink their recruitment culture?

 What employers need to know about stress at work
August 14 2013 - Stress at work is a costly affair and hits businesses financially, but also has a negative influence on staff relationships, poor performance, staff turnover and leads to more management time being spent on resolving the issues arising from stress.

 Laying the foundations for a sustainable future: How to start a successful internship programme
August 8 2013 - A strategic internship programme can give you the satisfaction of training future employees for a successful, enjoyable career.

 Is it HRís job to manage OH&S?
August 8 2013 - The simple fact is that, in many organizations, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) has become a Human Resources (HR) responsibility.

 Internships & HR - What You Need in Place
July 30 2013 - When managed with transparency and care, business internships create a win-win situation.

 Unnecessary Redundancy Payouts in the NHS
July 21 2013 - According to a report by the Government spending watchdog, the National Audit Office, large sums of money have seemingly been wasted on unnecessary redundancy pay-outs in the NHS.

 Australian Minimum Wage Decided
June 3 2013 - The new national minimum wage will be $622.20 per week or $16.37 per hour.

 Case Study: Home Group
May 27 2013 - MidlandHR and Home Group: 'Working Together to Deliver a Financially Stronger Home'

 Collaboration at Work: If You Have a Message, Say it with Social Media
May 26 2013 - The recent announcement that Skype Video will be integrated into Outlook Email for instance shows how video, as a social tool, is becoming ever more engrained in modern day communications.

 How to attract and hold on to top IT talent
May 26 2013 - It's a well known HR statistic that it costs an average of 2.5 times an individual's salary to replace an employee when they leave. So in today's unpredictable economic climate it is essential that businesses retain staff, especially those classed as 'top talent' - your highest performers.

 Collaboration at Work: If You Have a Message, Say it with Social Media
May 26 2013 - The recent announcement that Skype Video will be integrated into Outlook Email for instance shows how video, as a social tool, is becoming ever more engrained in modern day communications.

 Performance Management: Creating an Effective Process and Dialogue
May 16 2013 - Developing an effective performance management process is crucial for a number of reasons; namely the direct financial gain from ensuring employees are successfully meeting expectations, for generating motivation and engagement amongst the workforce and for aligning employees to strategic objectives.

 Using Training as a Strategic Tool
May 4, 2013 - What is the best way to get the maximum return on the training budget?.

 To Give An Executive Garden Leave?
April 25 2013 - When it comes to an executive leaving the job, it is pretty common that the companies put the executive on garden leave.

 How Video Technology Enhances the Remote Workerís Experience
March 14 2013 - If you provide the right technology - which is definitely available - it is possible for employers to support remote workers and make sure they are productive, involved and in touch.

 Work Pressure and Job Control
March 1 2013 - Having control over one's work schedule and job autonomy are associated with lower levels of job pressure. However, having more control of one's work can also have negative consequences.

 Big brother is definitely watching
February 10 2013 - With as much as 60 to 80 percent of employee time on the Internet having nothing to do with work, organizations are facing an epidemic of 'cyberloafing.'

 How HR Can Help an Employee Survive and Thrive Through a Divorce
February 4 2013 - When looking for help during a divorce, few people consider the human resources department at their place of employment as a place to go for assistance.

 Helping women succeed in business
January 15 2013 - Ontario has introduced a new initiative for women entrepreneurs on low incomes.

 How can employment lawyers help headhunters place candidates more swiftly?
December 21 2012 - Picture the scenario: an ideal candidate for a role is found, the candidate can't wait to start and your client is eager to announce his joining. Then the candidate mentions in passing that he has a 12 month garden leave clause and post-termination restrictive covenant in his contract which prevent him from working for a competitor. Sound familiar?

 Performance Management - Key Practices
November 5 2012 - Informal feedback is critical to success said 93% of IT Professionals in a recent survey but fewer than half felt that feedback in their organization could be rated as good or excellent.

 How to fire for poor performance
November 2 2012 - Much has been said recently by the Government about how its current package of intended employment law reforms will help create a climate in which it will be easier for employers to dismiss under-performing staff.

 TUPE - What businesses need to know about the retention of employment model
November 1 2012 - In essence the underlying purpose of TUPE is to protect employee rights in the event of a transfer or service provision change.

 Why the work-life balance is now more important than ever
October 23 2012 - The business case for job satisfaction is clear: satisfied employees make for a more engaged workforce that will be committed and advocate the business. What's more it'll make for a more productive and profitable business.

 The Hidden Cost of Sick Leave
October 17 2012 - Although the holiday season has ended the holiday pain has not for those employing individuals on long term sick leave.

 Absence Levels
October 9 2012 - The latest CIPD Absence Survey shows a drop from an average of 7.7 to 6.8 days per employee.

 Motivating staff and the changing workplace culture
October 8 2012 - The pressure to cut costs and reduce expenditure has led to a fall in innovation and has also made it harder to motivate and engage employees on an on-going basis.

 The Future is Bright for Employers - the Future is Blue and Gold!
October 3 2012 - The annual statistics for claims in employment tribunals (ETs) for 2011/2012 have just been published. The statistics show a 15% reduction in ET claims being presented and an increase in costs awards by ETs, where over 80% have been made against claimants. Despite this, the Government is intent on its employment law reform programme under the auspices of promoting growth - especially for small businesses.

 Why choose video to communicate?
August 30 2012 - Whilst the idea of using video is by no means a new concept, corporations have only recently started to embrace it and taken note of internal and external stakeholder's need to engage with businesses through this channel.

   How we isolate talent
August 1 2012 - Organizations seek the best talent. We target individuals that stand out and assume they bring with them the talent shown in previous posts. If they fail to perform at the level we anticipate, HR managers and the board are left wondering what went wrong.

 Your office or mine: love in the workplace
August 1 2012 - Canada seems to be the place to study workplace romance.

 Can Partners in Professional Partnerships claim Employment Status?
July 31 2012 - For businesses operating as a partnership, promotion and ownership of the business can be controlled by means of operating different levels of partnership, for example a salaried partner, fixed term partner or equity partner.

 Sickness during annual leave - it's not as bad as it seems!
July 31 2012 - In a timely case - given that the holiday season is upon us - the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in ANGED v FASGA and others has decided that workers who fall sick during their annual leave must be permitted to reschedule the time affected by illness.

 Employees and Employers: corporate scandals eroding trust
July 23 2012 - A survey of more than 2000 UK employees commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that only 36 per cent of employees trust senior managers.

 Work And Sleep
July 23 2012 - Research from the University of Iowa has shown that police officers sleeping less than six hours per night are more susceptible to chronic fatigue and health problems.

   How One Job-Seeker Turned His Personal Brand Into Fame and Opportunity
July 19 2012 - For many seeking to enter fast-paced fields, the simple CV is no longer enough. You need to stand out, to prove your mettle.

 The importance of managing employee performance before problems arise
July 19 2012 - The abolition of the default retirement age in April 2011 and the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes have focused attention on the issue of performance management. These recent developments highlight the increasing importance of having proper performance management processes in place.

 Strong Growth in New Zealand Employment
July 12 2012 - An analysis of 42,000 jobs listed in the last quarter on Trade Me Jobs shows that the New Zealand job market remains positive, with listings up by 8.2 per cent on the same period in 2011.

 Letting a banker go - pitfalls for the unwary
July 11 2012 - So what happens when a bank decides that the time has come to cut the Gordian Knot and let its thrusting trader venture out to pastures new i.e. sack him?

 Protected Conversations: an exciting new initiative or counter-productive for employers?
July 11 2012 - The idea of the "protected conversation" is that employers can talk to their employees about possible termination deals or severance packages without having to worry about those conversations being referred to in subsequent Employment Tribunal cases if the discussions come to nothing and the employees then say they have been unfairly dismissed.

Global - Online Employee Scheduling - Take a Break from Excel
- Unlike Excel, this software is designed with a single job in mind, helping you allocate your human resources effectively.

 Prepare for work: dealing with tough interview questions
July 4, 2012 - Good preparation is the key to answering the toughest interview questions with confidence according to staffing, recruitment and HR Services company Randstad Canada.

   Anger at work
July 3 2012 - What makes people angry at work and what are the implications?

 Healthy Workplaces
July 3 2012 - Six key elements of extraordinary organizations around the world were identified recently by the The Health Work & Wellness Group.

 Technology extends the working day
July 2 2012 - Replying to emails and answering work calls at home means that the average UK employee is putting in an extra three weeks a year in overtime.

 E-mail: the Way to Gossip
July 2 2012 - It has been estimated that the average corporate email user sends 112 messages a day - and one in seven of those messages can be described as gossip.

 Building a learning environment at work
June 27 2012 - As the government tells us that we need to work harder for longer in order to pay for retirement, it is clear that we must be even more ready to adapt and change our skills and knowledge throughout our working lives.

 The escape from the 'boring cage' of talent development
June 14 2012 - It is essential for organizations that want to 'survive' or even play a leading role in their niche to engage and fascinate the right employees.

 Is There Inequality in the Workplace Because of a Lack of Understanding About Culture?
June 12 2012 - The term culture refers to the system of assumptions, beliefs and perspectives, many of them unconscious and taken for granted, which members of a group have in common.

   Offshoring Australian editing jobs to New Zealand
June 12 2012 - With an 18% drop in earnings forecast by Fairfax Media, the publishing group has confirmed that cost-cutting includes moving jobs from Australia to New Zealand.

 NZ Employers confident on hiring
June 12 2012 - A survey of 650 New Zealand employers by Manpower shows that employment confidence is relatively high with 25% expecting to take on staff while only 9% are contemplating reducing payroll numbers.

 Leaders - ten ways you can be more creative
June 11 2012 - How different would things be if job titles reflected what we wanted managers to do and be like rather than what they are responsible for?

 How HR Can Become Strategic
June 7 2012 - For many years, HR professionals have been trying to justify their right to a seat at the executive table. Executives rightfully have been scratching their heads trying to understand just exactly how HR drives business value.

 Male Leaders Judged More Harshly
June 5 2012 - Male leaders who make mistakes in what is perceived as a man's world are also judged more critically than a female leader.

 The Importance Of Not Being Ernest
June 4 2012 - Creating an environment where humour - and laughter - is viewed positively will create a place of enjoyment.

 High-Potential Entrepreneurs
May 30 2012 - Stanford Graduate School of Business has reported that its graduates are much more likely to become entrepreneurs than ever before.

 The ticking time bomb of older workers
May 28 2012 - This is a very difficult area of the law for employers. On the one hand employers do not want to be accused of age discrimination, but on the other hand they have to act in the best interests of the business, even when this means replacing older workers with a younger, fresher work force.

 Please don't blame the crisis
May 28 2012 - No, it's really not the fault of the crisis - you yourself are to blame.

 Should You Be Sharing That?
May 14 2012 - Managing employee information on a global scale when data privacy rules differ by country

 The Transformational Power of HR Software
May 14 2012 - HR software has for many years been revolutionising the processes and procedures of HR departments. But the growing power of intuitive technologies means the opportunities for forward-thinking HR professionals are ever-increasing.

 Saskatchewan immigration program changes.
May 3 2012 - The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has been changed to reflect current needs in the province's job market.

 It's All About Engagement
April 26 2012 - Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are actively doing something at all times and if you don't want that something to be aimlessly browsing or looking at online job boards, engagement at work is key.

 Help yourself to a thriving business
April 26 2012 - It's All About You is specifically for you, the entrepreneur, the lone adventurer, who is relentlessly driving forward business, focusing more on achieving business objectives, but possibly to the detriment of your personal wellbeing and basic health.

 Surface Diversity: Some Employees Subvert Diversity Programs
April 24 2012 - There is evidence to suggest that organizations are only achieving 'surface diversity' while key customer-facing staff such as servers are behaving in a racist way towards diners.

 How to Help Your Staff Going Through Divorce
April 19 2012 - Often at times being caught up in all the distractions of HR, many people don't make the time to create a crisis or advice centre for struggling employees and this is SO needed within the workplace.

 Use more intuition during the Recruitment & Selection process
April 18 2012 - Richard van der Lee argues that we need to use a bit more intuition to find talent

 The Advantages and Drawbacks of Learning Management Systems
April 10 2012 - A LMS is a tool used for documenting, tracking and reporting on training programs in a bid to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

 HR and Spotting Fraud
March 25 2012 - It's surprisingly easy to take on someone who isn't who they say they are, especially when your focus is on can they do the job in question, not who they say they might be.

 HR as a Business Partner
March 16 2012 - The term 'business partner' is often highlighted as an important aspect in discussions about the role of the human resource manager but being a 'business partner' needs wide business knowledge.

 Employee Engagement
March 2 2012 - Employees need to feel like they are progressing. If you think about a time when you did something extraordinary at work, most likely you accomplished a difficult goal that was important to the organization.

 Healthy Eating Key to Workplace Productivity
March 2 2012 - It has been claimed that one in three office employees skips a proper lunch, and instead snacks on unhealthy options, which can lead to lethargy, irritability and decreased productivity.

 Vision on Talent, a 'must' for organizations
March 1 2012 - There are many organizations which, for various reasons, do not put much energy into developing a 'Vision on talent'

Global - Power Collaboration Profile blurs Hofstede's research on national cultural dimensions
February 22 2012 - This article presents data that for the first time examines the collaboration and power structure dimensions of management.

 Scotland overtakes London as worst region in the UK for unemployment
February 16 2012 - An analysis of UK local authority areas by claimant to vacancies ratio in January 2012 shows that a number of Scottish areas have passed the inner London boroughs to become the UK's worst employment blackspots.

 Management Training Programs - In-House or External?
February 10 2012 - Do organizations task an outside company with the training of their charges, or do they do it themselves?

 Monitoring Job Satisfaction
February 10 2012 - Employee satisfaction is a key indicator for defining staff rewards and benefits and over 70% of businesses have taken steps to monitor it.

 Top 5 Best Practices for Successful Workforce Analytics
February 10 2012 - Workforce analytics has become the hottest topic in the HR technology arena.

 Technology Matters
February 2 2012 - Hyland Software director, Mark Greatorex, explores how combining strategy with technology can help maximise HR capability and contribution

 'Computer says no': Are you unwittingly discriminating with personality testing? (Part 1)
January 25 2012 - There are strong, well-rehearsed arguments both for and against the use of personality testing, but we have identified a particular, and thus far potentially overlooked, risk of discrimination against disabled participants.

 'Limited thinking': an obstruction for employees and organizations!
January 23 2012 - Richard van der Lee asks if the way organizations deal with some HRD methodologies can lead to the right moves.

 How do you find that dream job?
January 11 2012 - Some Do's and Don'ts for job hunting

 Hiring and managing in the cloud - a guide for SMEs
December 19 2011 - One of the most exciting new trends in recent years has been the emergence of the human cloud, as more and more businesses go online to hire and manage talented staff on an hourly or project basis.

 Basic Skills Need Improvement
December 13 2011 - Graduate unemployment is at a record level but many organizations say they cannot find the right talent.

Global - Recruiting Practices and Employer Branding
December 13 2011 - Recruiting practices need to be consistent with branding strategies or organizations risk missing out on top talent and potential revenue. More recuiting organizations are likely to turn to social media in 2012.

 Five Steps to New Thinking
December 10 2011 - Excerpt from Now You're Thinking: Change Your Thinking, Revolutionize Your Career, Transform Your Life (FT Press),

December 8 2011 - 1.7 million Australians over 18 are prevented from working as much as they want for a variety of reasons, according to a new Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) study.

 Internet job-hunting is effective
December 7 2011 - Using the Internet for job-hunting reduced time spent unemployed by an average of 25%.

 Workplace Flexibility Improves Employees' Health Behavior
December 6 2011 - Employees who have flexibility in the workplace tend to sustain healthier lifestyle habits.

 The mismatch between customers' needs and the development of talent in organizations
December 6 2011 - Richard van der Lee wonders if organizations lose track of (potential) customers or have 'too much internal focus'?

 Technology and work/life balance
December 1 2011 - Smartphones, tablets and other types of 24-7 technology can make life easier for many people but they make it harder to switch off even when at home and also keep us at work longer.

 Reforming UK Employment Legislation
November 25 2011 - Changes to come for UK employment law.

 Trust is not a 'soft' basis for business
November 5 2011 - In these uncertain times no word is used more often than 'trust'. This creates some beautiful discussions but all the more misunderstandings.

 Qantas Dispute Stopped
October 31 2011 - A tribunal of judges appointed by Fair Work Australia has determined that the industrial dispute called by three unions that triggered the airline's lockout must end.

Global - Wasting Talent Reduces Profit
October 21 2011 - When organizations actively want to participate in the changing environment a question arises: why is available talent not being fully utilized. Of course employees who are classified as a "young and high potential" are important to these organizations but beyond these individuals a complete scenario is obscured: the individual talents of every single employee.

 Stress is number one cause of long-term absences
October 5 2011 - Stress has been identified as the most significant cause of long-term absence according to this year's CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence Management survey.

 Changes to Unfair Dismissal Rules
October 5 2011 - The announcement that the qualification period for the right to claim unfair dismissal will be extended from one year to two years has attracted mixed responses.

 HRM = Business Partner. Is building a bridge over the 'Grand Canyon' possible?
September 23 2011 - Do Business and HR Managers speak the same language?

Global - A Students guide to Human Resources
September 7 2011 - Every business needs effective HR (human resources) to retain a happy, motivated and productive workforce.

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