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Accountants heading abroad

October 10, 2014 - Nearly two in three accountants will be job hunting within the next 6 to 12 months, according to a global survey of 1452 accountants conducted in August-September 2014 by job board

The research showed that:

  • A third are seeking an immediate move
  • Eight in ten would work abroad with Western Europe, UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand being key destinations

14% of those surveyed had made up their minds to leave, but what would make the others stay in their current jobs?

  • 43% said a "pay rise or promotion"
  • for 14%, are looking a 'better work-life balance'
  • 11% were 'keen to relocate internationally'.

Many felt that it was unlikely that their bosses will make any changes to retain staff. Six in ten stressed that career development was not high on the list of company priorities, with a general lack of coaching and support in the organization.

  • 59% said that their company hahad nothing to retain staff over the last year
  • 50% of respondents were unsuccessful in gaining promotion, many saying that their 'firm does not actively promote staff', with others stating 'it takes a long time to get to next level and I need to bide my time'.

    When asked what support their company could provide, many accountants are calling for clear career development plans to be put in place, better training, mentoring and funding for professional qualifications.

    According to Simon Wright, Director of

    "Accountancy bosses cannot afford to be complacent about staff-retention. Our research indicates that many in the profession are not prepared to make do with the status-quo and, if need be, will travel far and wide to get their next foot on the career-ladder.

    "Year on, we see that those at the top are failing to give enough career guidance and training to their employees. Today's accountants have ambition. Indeed six in ten accountants have a five year career plan and nearly half of newly-qualifieds are expecting a promotion imminently. If senior management do not invest time helping to chart out staff careers they should expect an increasing number to leave the firm."

    Other significant findings in the survey included:

    35% see themselves leaving the profession within the next 3-5 years, rising to 54% in the next 6-10 years

    7% plan to leave accountancy within a year - 32% are planning a new career and 26% more plan to set up their own business

    Four in ten of accountants who have recently qualified expect promotion within the year, with another four in ten expecting promotion in 1-2 years


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