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Careers that Don't Require College: 8 Jobs You Can Pursue Today

Careers that Don't Require College

September 24 2019 - College isn't for everyone. Contrary to popular belief you can have a professional career without having earned a degree. There are plenty of careers that don't require college degrees or the debt that goes along with them.

If college is not an option due to a lack of interest or a lack of money, don't despair. Figure out what it is you want to do in life. Research the qualifications and start building your resume.

In some industries, you may have to start in entry-level jobs. Others may offer on-the-job training opportunities. The goal is to obtain the experience needed to go to the next level.

It may take longer to move up the corporate ladder. The time it takes could be comparable to earning a degree. During the journey don't overlook options to gain certifications.

Are you looking for high paying jobs without a degree? Keep reading for eight careers you can pursue today.

1. Small Business Owner

Owning a business doesn't require having a college degree. People that work for themselves control their destiny. They also control their earning potential.

Entrepreneurs often take the skills and knowledge they've gained from working for others and put it to work for themselves. They bypass the often stringent requirements some corporations place on employees.

Advancing into higher-paying positions often has nothing to do with education, but more so with whom you know.

As a business owner, you determine if others can have high paying jobs that don't require a degree. You also have the opportunity to invest in your employees who may want to attend college.

2. IT

There are many positions in the Information Technology (IT) field that do not require a college degree. With the growth in technology, IT companies are more concerned with experience than education.

Cybercrimes have increased the demand in the areas of cyber-security.

The gaming industry has also paved a path to IT jobs that don't require a degree. Game designers, software developers, and computer programmers are all jobs people can get with video gaming experience.

Mobile application creation is another popular field people are entering without a college degree.

3. HVAC Technician

As long as the seasons change there will be a need for HVAC technicians. If you are looking to start a career straight out of high school, this is a good career choice. Some high schools have a technical program that gives students a head start.

Most states allow OJT apprenticeships to satisfy the requirements to become certified. Be prepared to gain three to five years of experience under your belt to be eligible for state testing.

You can also attend a technical college to speed up the process.

HVAC technicians, once certified, can become independent contractors to increase their earning potential.  Read this article to learn more about becoming an HVAC technician.

4. Department Manager

Every business industry has department managers. A lot of these positions say they require a college degree. If you have been with a company for some time, you'll learn companies often bypass that requirement.

A lot of companies reward loyalty. It is better to promote a long-time committed employee than bring in a stranger.

Management positions in customer service departments are popular advancement opportunities. If you don/t have a degree, you can move into warehouse management. Municipalities are also known to bypass college requirements and promote from within.

When becoming a manager is in your long-term goals work hard to put yourself in a position to be promoted. You may not need a college degree but take advantage of the training and leadership courses your company offers.

5. Real Estate Agent or Broker

Real estate is an industry that can earn you a nice salary. It is also an industry that doesn't require a college degree. To become an agent or broker, you will need to earn a real estate license.

Each state has its own requirements and licensing procedures.

6. Social Media Influencer

Social media has created a new job class that does not require a high school diploma or a college degree. Social media influencers are high paying jobs self-made careers.

To become an influencer, you do not need to be a celebrity. Simply build a nice following by becoming a subject matter expert. The field doesn't matter because people are always looking for information in different areas.

Make-up artist, fashionistas, and social media experts are in high demand. Influencers determine their value so earning potential is infinite. The average influencers can earn up to six-figures while celebrities can easily bring in millions.

7. YouTube Content Creator

Fifteen years ago YouTube was just an idea. Today it has created millionaire entrepreneurs.

The thought of people sitting behind a camera welcoming strangers into their world seems odd to some. Yet here we are today and countless numbers of people of all ages have built profitable careers doing just that.

The top-earning YouTube channel is Ryan Toys Review. The channel's host is a 7-year old named Ryan, who earns a reported $22 million a year.

There is a respectable list of creators in the million-dollar club. But more important there are many more that have turned their hobby into a profitable career.

8. Sales Representative

The strongest qualities of a salesperson cannot be taught in a classroom. People that make high earnings in sales are usually born with a gift of persuasion. It's a gift that leads people to trust their opinions when it comes to important decisions.

Salespeople control their income. Most work on commission, so the harder they work the more they earn. Individuals with the ability to travel can often make it into six and seven-figure annual salaries.

Almost every industry has a need for salespeople. It doesn't matter if it is in retail, construction or pharmaceutical sales. Find your niche in an area you enjoy.

Are You Ready to Pursue Careers That Don't Require College Degrees?

Careers that don't require college degrees are available. If you're looking for more career advice, be sure to check out the rest of our blog page for more helpful tips!

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