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Human Resource Management in a Business Context
3rd edition
April 2007

Human Resource Management in a Business Context
by Alan Price

Human Resource Management in a Business Context provides an international focus on the theory and practice of people management. A thorough and comprehensive overview of all the key aspects of HRM, including case studies, articles from HRM Guide and other sources, key concepts, review questions and problems for discussion and analysis.
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Performance Management


The environmental context

Business culture


General economic conditions

Industry sector

Technological change

Flexibility and diversification

Employee relations

Workforce composition

The organization and effective performance

The 'right' image

Impression management 


Assessment and organizational change

Performance strategies

Motivation and performance 

Achievers and non-achievers

Locus of control

Performance management systems

Management by objectives (MBO)

Prescriptions for performance management systems 

Reward (compensation) management 

The basis of performance-related pay systems 

Flavour of the (last) month?

Criticisms of performance-related pay

The assessment process

Appraisals and conformity

The counselling interview

Objectivity and subjectivity in assessment


Further reading

Review questions

Problems for discussion and analysis

Case Study 10.1: Learning from Japan
Case Study 10.2: Police pay

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