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Australian Employment Statistics
November 16 2023 - Unemployment remained at 3.7% and the number of people in employment rose by 28,300 to 14,145,400 people in October.

Successful Entrepreneurs
April 22 2023 - Results from a survey of 675 entrepreneurs provide insights into the secrets of business success.

#MeToo and Mentoring
March 24 2021 - Mentoring has been highlighted for its importance in career development but recent publicity for the #MeToo movement may have had some unintended consequences on the practice.

10 Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace
November 26 2019 - A happy workplace equals a healthy workplace, so having the right tools in place and looking after your team is important. With that in mind, here are 10 ways on how to improve productivity in the workplace.

AI in HR: why technology is not enough
July 10 2019 - The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in HR does not always get a fair hearing. However, it is not always well implemented. AI is not a replacement for HR professionals.

How To Put Employees First & Build a Positive Company Culture
May 21 2019 - If you intend to run a successful business, you need to set the right tone early. That way you’ll make sure everyone is on the same page.

One in 5 Millennials don't survive their probation period
April 9 2019 - If you have recently hired a new employee, Millennial or not, here are six tips to assist you in setting them up for success.

National Minumum Wage
Updated March 30 2019 - Australia's revised national minimum wage (NMW) was implemented on July 1 2018.

Skills That Need to Find Their Place in Your Business Resume in 2018
July 27 2018 - Adding random traits and unnecessary details about skills and habits employers have no interest in waters down a resume, making it less impressive.

Human errors caused by boredom, distraction and interrupted tasks
June 28 2018 - Human error can lead to a variety of consequences.

How to know that you need a bigger office for your employees?
May 18 2018 - To simplify your decision making, here are five checkboxes to consider when deciding whether to relocate.

What to Do When an Employee Is Struggling with A Creative Block
March 27 2018 - Here are several steps, tips and pointers that can be used to help one overcome a creative block.

Educating Your Employees to Take Cybersecurity Seriously
February 27 2018 - Here are a few reasons why you need to educate your employees to take cybersecurity seriously, as well as several tips on how to do so with a much greater efficiency.

5 Ways to Manage Employees Who Have More Expertise Than You
January 12 2018 - Being someone's manager when you know they have the skills and abilities required to be your manager can sometimes feel a little awkward.

Emotional Intelligence - The Most Important Element of Employee Evaluation
November 27 2017 - Various studies have shown that people with high EQ usually have quite a lot of characteristics of a good employee.

How to Professionally Deny a Raise Request
July 14 2017 - Communicating this to an employee is a very difficult and delicate matter.

The Ups and Downs of a Late Career Change
July 12 2017 - With many opportunities for adult learning, there is no reason why careers need to stagnate purely because of age.

Year-round thanks essential
June 30 2017 - 79% of Australian employees preferred appreciation by managers all-year round instead of single annual events for recognition such as work anniversaries, performance reviews, or company events.

How to Create a Friendly Office Environment
June 23 2017 - Whether your office environment has actually become unpleasant or you simply feel as though things aren't as great as they could be, you have plenty of options to remedy the situation.

4 Smart Strategies to Use When Your Best Employees Underperform
June 7 2017 - If you are struggling with underperforming employees, here are a few ways to improve the situation.

The Wonders of Using Cloud-based Payroll Software
March 15 2017 - Contrary to what others might think, cloud systems can actually offer enhanced data security compared to traditional payroll systems.

Call Centre Code Launched In Victoria
February 23 2017 - A new Call Centre Code launched by the Victorian Government has been welcomed by the ASU.

Obesity in the workplace
January 11 2017 - Being overweight has consequences in the workplace. There are associated occupational safety, health, and business risks leading to more and more disputes between employers and employees.

Skills Crisis in Health and Medical Research
January 10 2017 - Job insecurity among workers in the Health and Medical Research sector is leading to an impending skills crisis, according to The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR).

Would-be Entrepreneurs
September 17 2016 - Baby Boomers and Gen Y are leading a movement to abandon the corporate rat race and create start-ups allowing them to become their own boss

Benefits of Using SaaS for Payroll
July 14 2016 - As payroll is one of the largest costs to employers, it is essential to have systems that provide accurate information and payments in line with current legislation.

What HR/Management professionals can learn from the likes of Gucci
April 21 2015 - What is the real story about management in the fashion industry? How is it that they achieve and maintain such high levels of performance in such a demanding environment?

Men still earning more than women Australia wide
January 15 2014 - Women earn a mere 64% of the average man's wage and salary income across Australia, according to a recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

How to attract and hold on to top IT talent
May 26 2013 - It's a well known HR statistic that it costs an average of 2.5 times an individual's salary to replace an employee when they leave. So in today's unpredictable economic climate it is essential that businesses retain staff, especially those classed as 'top talent' - your highest performers.

How HR Can Become Strategic
June 7 2012 - For many years, HR professionals have been trying to justify their right to a seat at the executive table. Executives rightfully have been scratching their heads trying to understand just exactly how HR drives business value.

Should You Be Sharing That?
May 14 2012 - Managing employee information on a global scale when data privacy rules differ by country

December 8 2011 - 1.7 million Australians over 18 are prevented from working as much as they want for a variety of reasons, according to a new Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) study.

Technology and work/life balance
December 1 2011 - Smartphones, tablets and other types of 24-7 technology can make life easier for many people but they make it harder to switch off even when at home and also keep us at work longer.

Qantas Dispute Stopped
October 31 2011 - A tribunal of judges appointed by Fair Work Australia has determined that the industrial dispute called by three unions that triggered the airline's lockout must end.

Australians a Happy Lot
July 13 2011 - Australian workers have a low-pressure, stress-free working life, and are not worried about losing their jobs, according to findings from ORC International�s perspectives database.

Bad Jobs Harm Mental Health
March 16 2011 - Badly paid, poorly supported, or short term jobs can be as harmful as being without a job.

Telstra Collective Agreement
September 14 2010 - The new agreement is designed to last for two years, providing guaranteed pay rises of 8 per cent in addition to the 2 per cent awarded in October 2009.

Employer Change Survey
September 11 2010 - Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that about one in six workers started work with a new employer/business in the year to February 2010.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives
August 16 2010 - Cautioning against a 'one size fits all' approach to business and management styles, the authors suggest a cross-cultural perspective can facilitate co-working in an era of globalization.

Violence Against Nurses At Work
May 20 2010 - Three-quarters of nurses working in both the private and public sectors had experienced violence at work, but only one in six incidents were officially reported.

Australian Employer Confidence At New High
February 1 2010 - Confidence among Australian employers has increased to the highest level since September 2008 according to a recent Hudson survey

Australian Recruitment Picture Brightening
January 5 2010 - People may believe that the global financial crisis (GFC) has made job-hunting more difficult but a recent survey from Mercer suggests that the recruitment picture is better than it seems.

HR And That Elusive Strategic Role
It seems that finally senior managers - some of them, at least - are willing to give HR managers a significant role in strategic decisions. But how many human resource managers know how to fulfill that role?

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