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Australian Apprentices Prepared For Jobs Worldwide

September 1 2009 - The CEO of Skill360 Australia has claimed that not only is the country's Vocational Education and Training sector one of the world's best, it prepares Australian apprentices for jobs anywhere in the world. According to Troy Williams:

"A young Australian with a vocational education and training qualification is on their way to getting a job anywhere in the world. As a general rule, Australian vocational qualifications are viewed as being highly relevant to the needs of business."

In a meeting with U.S. vocational training field stakeholders in August, Troy Williams said that there was great respect for the Australian qualifications framework:

"Australia's education system is widely respected as it delivers the skills needed by industry at all levels, from entry-level through to post graduate degree programs." He said that the Australian system allowed young people to consider working overseas, irrespective of their choice of school subjects, particularly as school-based apprenticeships are becoming increasingly common in the nation's secondary schools.

"Academically minded students seeking a professional career have demonstrated their capacity to obtain work beyond our shores. However, students studying for a trade as part of their secondary qualification are increasingly in a position to look at working overseas," said Mr. Williams.

The flexibility of the vocational education and training system is important, he says, allowing students who have completed apprenticeships to resume studies for a higher level qualification, if they wish. That way, they can fast-track the process of getting both work experience and a qualification.

"An apprentice in any field, whether it be automotive, construction, hospitality or business administration can start their apprenticeship in secondary school, effectively fast-tracking their completion. They can then pick-up their studies, perhaps seeking a diploma-level qualification which will put them at the front of the queue if they are wanting to work overseas," he added.

Working abroad can give young tradespeople a different perspective and an enhanced skills set - making them particularly attractive to employers when they return to Australia. Skill360 Australia's advises young people to keep their options open and give some thought to further study at a later stage.

"The perception that overseas work experience is only for professionals isn't correct, there are some great overseas opportunities for tradespeople and para-professionals who want to build their career with some overseas work experience," Troy Williams concluded.

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