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Skills That Need to Find Their Place in Your Business Resume in 2018
July 27 2018 - Adding random traits and unnecessary details about skills and habits employers have no interest in waters down a resume, making it less impressive.

Human errors caused by boredom, distraction and interrupted tasks
June 28 2018 - Human error can lead to a variety of consequences.

How to know that you need a bigger office for your employees?
May 18 2018 - To simplify your decision making, here are five checkboxes to consider when deciding whether to relocate.

Educating Your Employees to Take Cybersecurity Seriously
February 27 2018 - Here are a few reasons why you need to educate your employees to take cybersecurity seriously, as well as several tips on how to do so with a much greater efficiency.

5 Ways to Manage Employees Who Have More Expertise Than You
January 12 2018 - Being someone's manager when you know they have the skills and abilities required to be your manager can sometimes feel a little awkward.

Emotional Intelligence - The Most Important Element of Employee Evaluation
November 27 2017 - Various studies have shown that people with high EQ usually have quite a lot of characteristics of a good employee.

How to Create a Friendly Office Environment
June 23 2017 - Whether your office environment has actually become unpleasant or you simply feel as though things aren't as great as they could be, you have plenty of options to remedy the situation.

4 Smart Strategies to Use When Your Best Employees Underperform
June 7 2017 - If you are struggling with underperforming employees, here are a few ways to improve the situation.

The Wonders of Using Cloud-based Payroll Software
March 15 2017 - Contrary to what others might think, cloud systems can actually offer enhanced data security compared to traditional payroll systems.

Benefits of Using SaaS for Payroll
July 14 2016 - As payroll is one of the largest costs to employers, it is essential to have systems that provide accurate information and payments in line with current legislation.

Violence Against Nurses At Work
May 20 2010 - Three-quarters of nurses working in both the private and public sectors had experienced violence at work, but only one in six incidents were officially reported.

Australian Employer Confidence At New High
February 1 2010 - Confidence among Australian employers has increased to the highest level since September 2008 according to a recent Hudson survey.

Commonwealth Games Souvenirs Possibly Breach Labour Standards
March 3 2006 - Unions have expressed concern about souvenirs produced for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. They claim that souvenirs may have been manufactured in breach of the international labour standards previously agreed upon by the Games authority and unions.

Australia and New Zealand's Best Employers
September 10 2005 - Hewitt Associates, the global HR services firm, has revealed its 2005 Hewitt Best Employers in Australia and New Zealand results. The study is jointly managed by Hewitt Associates, The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and AFR BOSS magazine.

Legislation on employee surveillance
May 5 2005 - The Workplace Surveillance Bill was introduced in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. The Bill is intended to replace and widen the scope of the Workplace Video Surveillance Act 1998. It will make it an offence for employers to engage in covert surveillance of emails and website access or the use of tracking devices without a court order.

Employers in fantasy land
April 27 2005 - 80% of Australian businesses believe they are seen as great employers offering positive and rewarding workplace environments. But 63% of job seekers say that employers are ‘not delivering' on expectations.

Employee Expectations
April 5 2005 - A survey by Ross Human Directions (RHD), a recruitment, technology and human resource management firm shows that organisations are ill-prepared for Generation Y employees.

Middle managers are critical links
December 7 2003 - Middle managers should take a good look at their own management skills instead of trying to solve their staffing problems by recruiting better staff. So says Monash University's Professor Phyllis Tharenou, an organisational behaviour expert, commenting on a recent web poll.

Corporate scandals create disillusioned workers
September 29 2003 - Australian workers are losing faith in employers as a result of recent reports on corporate failure and misconduct.

Australia Is Not Including Employment Standards In U.S. Free Trade Negotiations
May 22 2003 - The Catholic Commission for Justice Development and Peace is concerned that the Australian Government has failed to include labour rights and environmental protection in its negotiations with the US over a Free Trade Agreement. This is in contrast to the US position in the negotiations.

The Art of Cyberflirting
February 14 2003 - Employees are spending a great deal of working time on the Internet - some of it spent flirting. University of Western Sydney researcher Dr Monica Whitty has made a study of the art of cyberflirting. She finds that men in particular prefer the safety of cyberspace when it comes to flirting with potential partners.

Productivity surge
March 11 2002 - Unexpected sectors of the services industry are driving the recent improvement in Australian industry productivity, said Productivity Commission Chairman, Gary Banks

HR needs to measure up
May 9 2001 - An Arthur Andersen survey shows that Human Resources (HR) executives say they're missing two things that could improve their effectiveness - support from top management and sufficient financial resources.

Union wants no sweatshop uniforms
March 19 2001 - One of the largest unions in Australia has joined an international campaign against the manufacture of sweatshop clothing. The LHMU are asking employers in their industries to make sure that all workplace clothes and uniforms worn by members of the union carry a "No Sweat Shop" label.

Call centre standards code supported by WA Government
March 16 2001 - The West Australian Government announced that it will support a national call centre code-of-conduct establishing minimum employment and customer service standards for industry.

New laws may entitle sex workers to compensation
March 15 2001 - If legislation regarding the sex industry is changed there may be repercussions not anticipated by the State Government, according to Rob Guthrie, Senior Lecturer at Western Australia's Curtin University of Technology, School of Business Law.