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The Wonders of Using Cloud-based Payroll Software

March 15 2017 - Working on the payroll is one of the most complex elements of a business. It is not only complicated, it can also get scary especially for the payroll administrator. After all, they need to ensure that recording finances is highly accurate. Every penny should be taken note of. Benefits and taxes should be recorded 100% free of error. Otherwise, the company is at risk of being fined.

Fortunately, Payroll software companies, like Payroll Metrics, help take a lot off a human resource person's plate. Technology has paved the way for cloud-based payroll software to ease the burden off the payroll administrator's shoulders. However, some might question the security that comes with using cloud-based payroll software.

Hence, keeping and protecting confidential details is the number one priority where payroll software is concerned.

Contrary to what others might think, cloud systems can actually offer enhanced data security compared to traditional payroll systems. Technology plays a huge role in keeping confidential data safe. Using a combination of security measures, sensitive data is kept from falling into the wrong hands.

What makes using cloud-based payroll software more efficient is that people can access it from anywhere Internet connection is available. Hence, this makes it possible for the payroll personnel to work and access payroll records even if they are outside the office premises.

Why you should invest in a payroll software

There's no denying that we now live in a fast-paced world. For every task we do manually, there sure is a better and easier way to do it with the help of technology. People, clients, bosses expect outputs sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, staff will fall behind if they are clueless with the task at hand. Essentially, stepping up one's game and using tools are needed to work more efficiently.

Being an administrative personnel requires a lot of work. From overseeing timesheets to doing paperwork to managing payroll, these all eats up a lot of time and may lead to working beyond office hours. But surely, there is a way to make the job easier.

What do payroll software feature?
Payroll Calendar

The software enables the administrative personnel to roll out salaries on time. It also takes care of employee's taxes.

Employee Timesheet

At one glance, an administrative personnel can track an employee's records. It covers their time-in and time-out, absences, leave credits and tardiness.


Payroll software does the paperwork for you in a quick and easier manner. Timesheets and calendars are recorded into the system which can help you gather all the information you need when reporting. This is also useful for easier checking and to ensure that there are no errors on payments that are processed.

Benefits of getting a payroll system

Cost cutting

Getting a professional service to manage payrolls means hiring a lot of people to do the job which also means having to spend more on manpower. With a software to take care of handling these tasks and few employees who knows his/her way around it, you don't only get to save up but you can also get things done quickly and efficiently.

Save time

Manually doing these tasks may consume a lot of time. Payroll software makes all things simpler for you with just a few clicks. It helps speed up the payroll process with the help of automated features that do not compromise accuracy.

Avoid errors

Unfortunately, computing for payroll can sometimes result to errors when done manually. However, using the right payroll software can ease your mind and lessen chances of miscalculations. Thanks to validation prompts that stop payroll personnel from entering wrong information.

Privacy and security

There is less risk of employee details being shared to other parties if payroll is managed in house. Credible payroll software companies make it a point that your company information remains private and secure when you use the software they are offering.

Tax compliance

Another feature that you can benefit from is the tax updates. Your selected payroll software should be able to send you notifications when tax updates are available to help you work more efficiently and in compliance to the law.


Depending on the payroll software package you have, the software can help you plan for hiring new employees. By entering hypothetical figures, you can predict how much a possible new employee will cost in the long run.

Customer service

Reliable payroll software companies will be more than happy to support you should you need their help with any software issues. Don't be afraid to ask questions if some things are unclear. A respectable payroll software company will ensure that you understand everything and show you that they have your best interests at heart.

In conclusion, companies will greatly benefit from using cloud-based payroll systems as opposed to manually working on payroll processes. With the right payroll software solution, making expensive mistakes are avoided, the company can forecast finances, and the staff are ensured that they get accurate pay.

This post was done in partnership with Payroll Metrics.

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