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Skills That Need to Find Their Place in Your Business Resume in 2018

July 27 2018 - A lot of people feel the temptation to bulk up their resume in order to make it appear more impressive. What they completely miss out on is the fact that by adding random traits and unnecessary details about skills and habits their employers have no interest in, they are watering down their resume, thus making it less impressive. Think about a script for a 30 minutes' long film that gets dragged out to last over three hours. This is exactly what you risk doing unless you know exactly what skills need to find their place in your business resume in 2018.

1. Social media literacy

The first thing you need to understand is that we live in an era of social media. Every half-decent brand tends to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts on a daily basis. Aside from this, they also may use Snapchat and Pinterest, depending on their demographics. Therefore, one of the key things they need is social media literacy and some basic knowledge of key principles on which these networks operate. Of course, not every post requires you to be a social media expert, yet, in 2018, at least some basic proficiency is more than mandatory.

2. Problem-solving

While problem-solving may seem as something abstract, the key thing you need to show is that you're not uncomfortable dealing with unforeseen situations and scenarios. This includes mediation in the workplace, multi-tasking and filling in for people who are on an unexpected leave. Apart from this, keep in mind that most of the hypothetical questions you'll be asked during an interview might be from this field in particular. So, this is one of the items from your resume that might actually get tested prior to you getting hired.

3. Professionalism

This skill may be verbalized in several different forms, punctuality, work ethics and literacy, however, it's not necessarily something you write down but more like a thing you need to demonstrate. Using the right form of the email you send with the resume as the attachment is the first step of the way. Responding in a timely manner is the second thing for you to think of. Lastly, the composition of your resume is one of the things that often gets overlooked, yet, it's vital for making a great first impression. In fact, it's something that's even worth hiring resume writing service over.

4. Charisma

One of the greatest misconceptions about charisma is that it's a trait that people either have or don't have. Something they're born with or lack completely. In truth, like any other skill, charisma can be exercised. Another misconception about it is the idea that it's somehow needed simply for the position of leadership or that it's something that only extrovert people may possess.

Most people, when talking about charismatic people first think of the JFK or Cicero, while they seldom stop to ponder on the traits that make people charismatic (or plainly likable). Charismatic people are good listeners and those who show great interest in people they collaborate with. In other words, charisma is not a trait, it's a skill, one that can be exercised and perfected.

5. Creativity

In most spots, creativity is a must have, a go-to trait, so listing it as one of your strong points might help you get the job. Nonetheless, you want to support this claim by proving that you actually possess it. If you're currently working in a position where you can express your creativity (or you did so in the past) you should send some examples of your work. If not, you can always list a creative hobby or mention something creative you're working on in your spare time.

6. Resilience

Lastly, regardless of the niche, position or your title at the future company, the world of business is a stressful place. Therefore, you need to stress out just how resilient you are. Admit you make mistakes and that you are able to bounce back and learn from them. State that you react positively to constructive criticism and don't let your ego get in the way. Finally, state that you perform well under pressure, even if you don't believe your future employer would buy it.

In conclusion

While adding some industry-specific skills always plays a determining role in whether you're going to get the job or not, these six traits are something that every employer expects in 2018. Nevertheless, how you manage to integrate them matters almost as much as whether you've managed to mention them at all. Keep in mind that you can't just make a single resume and send it out to any potential employer you encounter. Always study corporate value, mission and goals of the place you're submitting your resume to and make sure to make all the necessary adjustments and alterations.

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