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Remote Workers Logging More Hours

May 22 2021 - A recent survey from ADP Canada and Angus Reid shows that many Canadian workers are working extra hours.- especially those working remotely because of the COVID-19 crisis,

The ADP press release describes this as a COVID tax impacting on 30% of all the 1501 employed Canadians in the survey. This is significantly higher for remote workers, having increased during the course of the pandemic. 44% of remote workers responding said they were logging more hours than pre-pandemic times. This compares with 21% in April 2020.

Of the 44% of respondents reporting longer working hours:1 in ten said that they working an additional day or more (8+ hours) per week By comparison only 15% of respondents reported working fewer hours while 38% reported no change.

The survey also shows rising stress levels. Overall, reported stress levels rose by 7% over the last year - from 34% in April 2020 to 41% in April 2021. 46% of remote workers in the survey said they were less engaged with their work since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to , Vice-President Strategy and Business Development at ADP Canada:

"By encouraging employees to take vacation time and regular breaks, to monitor their stress levels and seek support if needed, and by introducing policies for after-hours work or educating on the right to disconnect, employers can help protect the physical and mental health of employees,"

Positive conclusions of the survey included:

  • 42% of Canadian remote workers were feeling more productive despite working longer hours - compared to 21% last year.
  • 37% observed an increase in the quality of their own work - compared to 19% in April of last year.
  • Greater recognition for workers' individual responsibilities, as boundaries between work and home had blurred - 53% of respondents said employers enabled them to work modified schedules to cope with personal responsibilities during working hours.

Ed Yuen said:

"After a year of monitoring how workplaces have evolved and responded to the pandemic, it appears that many companies have moved to flexible work hours or hybrid work models.

"While many of these policies were a 'perk' a few months back, they are now commonplace. For some, this flexibility seems to have improved productivity and quality of work. Not only has the pandemic brought the workplace into Canadians' homes, it also brought a little bit of their homes to the workplace."

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