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Canadian Unemployment at 6.1%

May 10 2024 - Statistics Canada reported that employment rose by 90,000 in April but the unemployment rate remained at 6.1% as more people looked for work due to population growth. Employment rose in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick. There was little change elsewhere.

The unemployment rate had fallen to 4.9% in June and July 2023 - the lowest since records began in 1976. It had reached 13.7% at its worst in May 2020, compared with 5.6% in February 2020.

Seasonally adjusted, unemployment rates vary from 9.1% (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 5.1% (Manitoba and Quebec). (Quebec).

Rates for provinces were (previous month in brackets):

  • Newfoundland and Labrador 9.1% (10.1%)
  • Prince Edward Island 6.8% (7.4%)
  • Nova Scotia 6.1% (6.2%)
  • New Brunswick 7.0% (7.8%)
  • Quebec 5.1% (5.0%)
  • Ontario 6.8% (6.7%)
  • Manitoba 5.1% (5.0%)
  • Saskatchewan 5.7% (5.4%)
  • Alberta 7.0% (6.3%)
  • British Columbia 5.0% (5.5%)

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