New Brunswick Minimum Wage

April 1 2018 - The province's minimum wage increased to $11.25 per hour from $11 per hour on April 1 2018.

Speaking on behalf of Labour, Employment and Population Growth Minister Gilles LePage, Finance Minister Cathy Rogers commented:

"New Brunswickers want their government to make investments to help the economy. They also want us to make investments that will improve their quality of life."

"Increasing the minimum wage will not only help to strengthen and stimulate the economy, it will also help to keep more money in the pockets of the lowest-paid workers so they can continue to live and work in New Brunswick."

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have harmonized the date of effect for any minimum wage increase to April 1. The minimum wage will be indexed to the corresponding increase in the New Brunswick consumer price index.

Cathy Rogers added:

"Indexing minimum wage increases to the consumer price index is an important step. It will provide fairness and consistency to minimum wage earners by ensuring that their wages keep pace with the rising costs of goods and services. It will also provide New Brunswick business owners with more predictability so they can better plan for their future."

For more information on the minimum wage, paid public holidays, and the Employment Standards Act, visit the department's website.