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Correcting Myths About Temporary Work

August 20 2010 - A report from Canadian staffing firm Accountemps corrects common misconceptions about temporary work and its role in the current job market.

Myths include:

  1. Temporary assignments are mainly clerical or lower skilled - In fact the fastest growth is in professional and technical occupations, as the advantages of flexibility become increasingly apparent. Companies now hire temporary staff for positions at all levels from accounting clerk to chief financial officer.
  2. Temporary work can't be included on a resume - In fact all temporary assignments should be included. The report recommends listing the staffing firm as the employer and describing the duties undertaken on various placements.
  3. Temporary work will interfere with a search for permanent employment - In fact experience of temporary work can actually enhance the chance of securing full-time employment. Many organizations view interim engagements as an effective way of assessing potential employees and go on to hire on a permanent basis. Temporary workers have an opportunity to expand their skills and experience while earning an income.
  4. Temporary work doesn't pay well - In fact temporary and contract positions typically pay the same as salaried ones; individuals with the most sought-after skills can often command a premium.
  5. Job seekers will have to pay to work with a staffing firm - Professional staffing firms never charge job seekers for their services; all fees are met by client companies.

Kathryn Bolt, president of Accountemps' Canadian operations said:

"As companies determine their staffing levels in response to increased business activity, many are turning to temporary employees at all levels. Temporary work has resulted in full-time employment offers for many job seekers and is a valuable career option for professionals to consider."

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