Alberta Minimum Wage

March 17 2023 - In 2016 Alberta's provincial government decided to move towards a general minimum wage of $15 per hour by 2018. The previous liquor server rate was removed in 2016. Other rates are:

  • Student Minimum Wage $13/per hour (restrictions apply)
  • Salespersons (including land agents and certain professionals) $598/per week
  • Domestic employees (living in their employer's home) $2,848/per month

There is a detailed breakdown at Alberta Minimum Wage (Government of Alberta website).

In 2019 the provincial government set up an expert panel to consider the Alberta minimum wage. The report was published

Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development Brian Jean issued the following statement:

"The report's public release responds to requests from several individuals and organizations.

"While the panel's analysis is well done and valuable in a historical context, it must be considered in light of current economic conditions in our province.

"Contrary to the Opposition's claims, Alberta's government has no plans to change the current minimum wage structure or introduce a separate liquor server minimum wage.

"My biggest takeaway from the panel report is that making large, unexpected changes to minimum wages can actually hurt employment. These changes require significant consultation and deliberation.

"Maintaining the current minimum wage gives employees and employers predictability and stability during a time of economic growth and labour shortages."