Saskatchewan Minimum Wage

June 5 2020 - Saskatchewan will continue its status as the province with the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

Saskatchewan's minimum wage increases to $11.45 per hour on October 1 2020 from the $11.32 set in 2019. This will be the twelfth increase since 2007.

The change is in line with the Government of Saskatchewan's a commitment to review the hourly minimum wage on a year-to-year basis. The rate is based on "an indexation formula, which helps ensure that all people benefit from the economic prosperity of the province." The formula accords equal weight to changes to the Consumer Price Index and Average Hourly Wage for the province.

Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said:

"We have established sustainable and predictable minimum wage increases.

"This helps families plan ahead and creates an environment for new workers to enter the workforce."