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5 Hacks for Crafting the Perfect Resume

Perfect Resume

March 30 2021 - Did you know that if you're looking for a job you'll need to send out between 30-50 resumes to get hired?

But even if you send out 100 badly crafted resumes, your chances of landing a position are slim.

Creating the perfect resume is important for getting recognized and standing out from the crowd in a competitive environment.

Don't let that dream job getaway. Check out these five resume tips to land you the job.

1. Pay Attention to Formatting

Formatting is one of the most important parts of resume writing. Having a bad template, a difficult-to-read document, or pages-on-pages of info can quickly put a job recruiter off.

Keep the formatting concise and digestible. Use bullet points, format everything onto one page - keep it simple. Use easy-to-read fonts and headers.

Of course, showcasing a little creativity will help you to stand out but use visuals thoughtfully.

If you're struggling with formatting, try a free resume builder and play around with different templates.

2. Nail the Summary

When you write a resume, spend time crafting the perfect summary. You need to sell your experience and your personality in a couple of lines. You need to set yourself apart from everyone else.

It should be short and to the point, but informative and impressive. It's the first part a recruiter will read and you need to ensure that it makes them want to keep reading.

3. Quantify Your Experience

When you're mentioning experience in your CV, try to quantify it by giving measurable results. This helps to build credibility and shows that you are committed to producing results.

Use percentages, dollar amounts, and numbers. Rather than saying, 'Managed a team for three years,' say something like 'Reduced employee turnover by 50% in three years.'

4. Keyword Match With Job Postings

This is one of the best resume secrets to help you get the job. Tailor your resume for every job you apply for and use keywords from the job descriptions. If the job description says 'strategic SEO development', ensure that the exact phrase is in your CV.

When the job recruiter scans your resume, these matching keywords will stick out.

5. Put the Best Stuff Above the Fold

Many recruiters don't read an entire resume, especially when they're going through hundreds of applicants. One of the most important resume hacks is making sure they learn the best things about you.

Ensure that your most impressive achievements, skills, and experience is above the fold. That even if they only read the first half of your resume, they know all of the important things.

Have You Got the Perfect Resume?

While reading through these resume hacks have you recognized some areas of improvement? Take some time to craft the perfect resume, focusing on formatting, keyword matching, and highlighting your achievements and experience.

Did you find this article helpful? Our site is full of awesome tips and tricks for your career and lifestyle - keep exploring for more!

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