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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a Paralegal

how to become a paralegal

April 12 2022 - Are you surprised to learn that over 336,000 paralegals are working in the United States today?

This job is secure, and there's also plenty of room for salary growth. Many people find this job quite rewarding since they can positively impact their communities.

Are you asking yourself, "Should you become a paralegal?" Then, keep reading this guide on how to become a paralegal so you'll know all the steps you'll have to take to pursue this career.

Work on Getting the Right Education

Becoming a paralegal requires people to understand the legal world intimately. This is why law firms need applicants to have a degree that proves they have a background in law.

Students have the choice to get an associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree in paralegal work. As with other industries, people who have the most education will have the edge over other applicants in the industry.

Take an Internship During Your Studies

What does a paralegal do daily? While you're still in school, taking an internship can give you all the information you need.

Reading the facts about a particular job and experiencing the role yourself are often quite different. Doing an internship will allow you to confirm your passion for this job and gain valuable experience to become an attractive applicant.

Get a Professional Paralegal Certification

After college, becoming a paralegal is more accessible if you have a professional paralegal certification.

Passing this exam will prove that you have the required knowledge to thrive in this field. You can opt for a Professional Paralegal credential or an American Alliance Certified Paralegal credential.

Consider Choosing a Legal Specialty

Many lawyers have a specialty to work on cases that they're passionate about and find the right clients. With this in mind, you could also benefit from choosing a legal specialty so you can choose an excellent law firm to join.

Take some time to reflect on which type of work fulfills you the most and what you would feel most comfortable working on.

Start Applying to Law Firms

After you've covered all these bases, you're ready to start searching for good entry level jobs. While this is often a tedious process, it's worth researching every law firm and what the job entails to ensure that you'll be happy if you get hired.

Perfect your resume and cover letter, and start practicing common interview questions so you can impress potential employers.

Now You Know How to Become a Paralegal

If you follow all of these steps on how to become a paralegal, you'll have a solid foundation for a lucrative job. Whether you're graduating from high school or considering a career change later in life, this guide will help you secure a position.

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