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What Insurance Career Path Should I Take?

Insurance career

July 2 2021 - Are you interested in building a safe, fulfilling, and high-paid career? The insurance industry has everything you need to build a healthy career.

From jobs in sales to many other departments, there's no shortage of options when determining what type of insurance career is right for you.

While most people think of sales as the only job in the insurance world, your insurance career path could revolve around marketing, accounting, product development, graphic design, writing, managing, and much more.

The benefit of taking your skills into the insurance world is that the industry is always growing. It's a safe place to build your financial foundation. On top of that, you'll likely get access to the best insurance for you and your family.

So which path should you take in the insurance industry? Keep reading to find out now.

Choosing the Right Insurance Career for Me

The most common career in the insurance industry is sales. Insurance salesmen and women find new customers and offer customized insurance bundles to cover their homes, vehicles, boats, RVs, vacations, as well as offering health and life insurance.

As a sales representative, you can often work for yourself, not needing to be employed by another firm if you choose the independent route. You can build a lucrative career, as you'll earn initial commissions, as well as recurring commissions for customers who stay on the plans you sell to them for years and years.

And while sales is an excellent career path, it's not the only one. Here are other ways you can work in the insurance industry.


Every insurance company has an extensive marketing team in place. They are responsible for creating websites, logos, graphics, displays, billboards, and much more.

And you know how effective these marketing teams are. Can you think of an insurance company whose spokesman is a gecko? Of course, you can, as they invest heavily in TV and digital advertisements which are crafted by a team of excellent marketers.

In order for these insurance companies to compete in the modern landscape, they have to create memorable marketing campaigns. In fact, campaigns from some of the top insurance companies are some of the most fun, unique marketing campaigns we see these days.

If you'd like to put your marketing skills to use in the insurance industry, from graphic design to videography, writing scripts to writing blog posts, and everything in between, insurance companies are always looking for top talent.

Product Development

Insurance companies offer products for sale, just like any other company. These insurance products and bundles are put together by experts who aren't responsible for selling insurance, they just research and put together the best possible products.

If you enjoy the process of financial research statistics, and budgeting, you can join an insurance company to help develop its product offerings.


Insurance companies are available across the country in many different sizes. Some of the biggest companies have thousands of employees, while plenty exists as small or medium-sized businesses.

Either way, each one of these companies needs an HR team to take care of the many employees. If you've graduated from school and are looking for a career in HR, the insurance industry is huge and typically comes loaded with employee benefits, along with high salaries.

Customer Service

Larger companies have hundreds of customer service representatives who handle the influx of questions, as well as claims, from customers via phone, chat, and email.

While many of these companies have offices where employees work in person, many also offer remote work opportunities. If you'd like to build your career from home, starting as an entry-level employee, and working your way up, customer service is a great avenue to do so.


And with so many employees and positions across the industry, insurance companies also need managers and team leaders to lead their companies to success.

If you dream of managing teams of people, or entire departments or companies, the insurance industry is ripe with opportunity for you to do so.

Types of Insurance to Sell

So what's the right insurance career path for you? Of course, if you are looking for a career in insurance, you have to consider sales as one of your options.

There are many others you can offer as well, such as medicare insurance or final expense insurance, but these are the most common to start with.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the biggest opportunities when it comes to sales. It's the policy every consumer prioritizes, and it's often the most expensive.

That means it can lead to higher recurring commissions. Plus, it's required in many states, so everyone needs it. Marketing health insurance is much easier than other types of policies.

Finding health insurance for your clients often means having in-depth consultations to find out their individual needs and circumstances. It's a more involved process than selling a home or auto insurance policy.

You need to be especially compassionate in order to work with people to find them the right policy, as it literally affects people's health and wellbeing.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another excellent opportunity when it comes to making money in sales. Most people want life insurance, but many don't understand it, and as a result, never sign up.

You can help people understand the benefits of life insurance and the risks of not having it. Plus, you'll be able to make a healthy living when you sell them a policy that can support their family in the event of an unexpected emergency. People will be thanking you for many years.

Home and Auto Insurance

Most people own a home and a vehicle and are always looking for affordable ways to insure them both. By offering both of these products, you can become a one-stop shop for your clients.

You can often create bundles that will help them save money and help you earn more business.

Getting Your Insurance Career Started

Whether you opt for an insurance career in sales, or in another department using the skills you graduated school with, you'll find plenty of opportunity in the wide world of insurance. There's an opportunity for every type of person with any skillset.

The best thing you can do to get started is to determine what type of work you want to be doing, getting licensed or trained in that skill, and begin looking for jobs as soon as possible.

Looking for more tips like this? You can visit our website today to find other helpful articles.


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