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How to Find a Roommate for College: The Best Tips

Roommate for College

February 18 2020 - According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20 million students attended university or college in the fall of 2019.

You may be one of them, or you could be preparing for impending collegiate enrollment. Either way, you need help with your living situation.

Most of you will go from living at home with your parents and siblings to the college dorms, where you live with new people for the first time. It can be a big transition, so you want to make sure your roomie is someone just as great as you.

We can help you do just that - here's how to find a roommate for college.

1. Write a List of Must-Have Qualities

A messy night owl living with a tidy morning person? That roommate combination would probably never work.

You can find your perfect roommate by writing out a list of must-have qualities that the person who shares your dorm will have.

Firstly, you should ask if your roommate stays up late or sleeps early. Find out if they prefer a tidy room or feel unbothered by a bit of mess. If you want to socialize and go out with your dorm buddy, jot that down, too.

You probably won't find someone who fits all of your criteria, but having a list in mind will help you find someone who's in sync with you and your intended collegiate lifestyle.

2. Ask Your Friends

You already trust your friends. So, see if any of their friends need a roommate. Chances are, if you both get along with your mutual pal, then you'll like each other, too.

It's easy to get together with these connections and get to know them before moving in. Grab a coffee and chat about what you want out of your living situation. If your goals match, then you can apply for a dorm or check out student apartment options together.

3. Consider Your Parents' Friends

You're not going to move into a dorm with your parents' friends. However, they might have kids, nieces or nephews attending the same school as you. And they can help connect the two of you ahead of a potential roommate situation.

Even if you don't end up living together, this type of connection is always good to have. A college student can always use more friends! 

4. Scope Out a Themed Dorm

A themed dorm won't look any different from the traditional housing offered to co-eds. You'll still have the same bunk beds and need to buy the same list of dorm supplies.

However, themed dorms bring together like-minded students in the same hall. For instance, you can move into a Spanish-speaking dorm, a pre-med society or an LGBTQ+ dorm.

No matter which themed dorm piques your interest, you can move in knowing that you'll have at least something in common with your roommate. You may not be able to ensure your living habits align, but you will have something that brings you together. And that's a great place to start.

How to Find a Roommate For College - Start Now

No need to scratch your head and wonder - now you know just how to find a roommate for college.

It could be a mutual connection that brings you together, or it could be a shared interest. Either way, you know the kind of person you want to live with - and they are probably looking for a dorm-mate like you, too.

So, ask around, go to meetings and make plans with new people. Soon enough, you'll find the right roommate. With that, you'll get your college experience off to the right start.

Have any more questions about starting college or your career? Browse our website for more helpful articles. 

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