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5 Stay At Home Jobs That Are Worth Your Time

Stay at home jobs

September 23 2019 - The idea of making money in your pajamas in enticing to many. In 2017, roughly 8 million people worked from home which accounts for 5 percent of the population.

This is because of the growing number of stay at home jobs available on the market. Available jobs range in skill level, but some offer both a low barrier of entry and a great starting salary.

If you're looking for ways to supplement your income or work from the convenience of your house, here are five stay-at-home jobs that are worth your time.

#1 - Graphic Artist

The need for graphic design, animation, and other creative skills only grows as websites, blogs and advertising campaigns grow more prevalent. Specializing in a particular format allows you to target customers without trying to market to the entire internet.

Consider starting with an area online where you have the most expertise. If it's blogs, infographics might be a great place to start your design career. If it's youtube, consider animated informational videos.

Using sites like Upwork or Fiverr geared toward freelancers helps you find potential projects and market your work to customers.

#2 - Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is another great career to launch from home. Depending on your writing ability, you can get paid to ghostwrite corporate blogs or create annual reports.

With all publications needing content, the key is generating strong writing samples that showcase your range. Expect work to be slow in the beginning but once you build a client base, freelance writing can help you earn money from anywhere you can bring a laptop.

#3 - Bookkeeper

Believe it or not, you don't have to be an accountant to become a bookkeeper. Bookkeeper courses are available online to help you learn the ropes and attract customers.

After two years of working as a virtual bookkeeper, you can increase your value even more by becoming certified. Being certified allows you to increase your hourly rate.

Before getting started, get to know popular bookkeeping software like QuickBooks and the various payroll statements available like those on Managing income and expenses is critical to doing an accurate job and helping clients get organized.

#4 - Financial Advisor

Consider becoming a financial planner if you are looking for a career in finance. Financial advisors are in demand as online wealth management firms allow more and more customers to upload their financial information in lieu of an in-person meeting.

#5 - Coder

Software development is one of the fastest-growing careers. There is a wide range of courses online that teach coding for web and mobile devices.

The great part about learning to code is that you open up opportunities ranging from six-figure incomes to launching your own company. Game developers with even the most basic design concepts can be successful with the right marketing strategy.

Find the Right Stay at Home Jobs For You

There's a wide world of stay at home jobs available that can replace or supplement your income. Whether you're currently making six figures or close to minimum wage, working from home is worth considering.

The best way to find opportunities to work from home is first exploring your existing skills and interests. These are the areas where you currently shine and are most likely to be impressive.

For more tips on finding the best career fit, check out our blog.

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