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The Pros of Working Flex Hours

January 10 2017 - As you near the completion of your paralegal studies online it's only natural you'll start to think about your future job prospects. The great news is that finding paralegal jobs is usually relatively easy, which allows you to be a bit picky about what you apply to. As you search through the listings you may want to consider paralegal careers that offer flex hours. Flex hours are nothing new, but they are certainly catching on in popularity as more and more companies and employees start to understand the benefits it offers.

What are Flex Hours?

Before we look at the pros of flex hours, it's important to understand what is meant by "flex hours". Basically, what this means is that you and your employer have come to an agreement and worked out flexible work time. It could involve condensed hours, shorter days, modified start and end times (not your typical 9-5 hours), job sharing, telecommuting, and more.

Some industries and jobs are better equipped to handle flex hours, and there are careers where it's just not possible.

Why Would I Want Flex Hours?

Flex hours offer a number of benefits to employees and employers. The idea of "not being chained to your desk" creates a whole different mind-set and atmosphere. As the employee you will feel valued knowing that your employer wants to create a working arrangement that benefits you both. You can cut down on commuting costs, pack your work week in fewer days so you can have more time off, fit more things into your life, and just be a happier and more productive employee.

The idea that a traditional 9-5 workday is the only way to be productive has been questioned quite broadly. Employers are seeing that if they keep their employees happy and give them more personal time, they end up being more productive in their job. Of course, a productive employee is one that costs the business less in the long run.

These flex hours are working particularly well for parents of young children who don't want to be limited to seeing their kids for one rushed hour in the evening. Parents working flex hours can be the ones to drop the kids at school, and pick them up in the afternoon, as well as study for a paralegal degree online. It also allows people who care for elderly parents to be home more often.

As you search for that perfect job, it may be that flex time becomes a top priority. In fact, a company that offers flex time can be more attractive than a company willing to pay a higher salary. Knowing you have more precious free time can act as a massive incentive.

Heading into the Workforce Armed with Knowledge

There is nothing better than heading into the workforce armed with knowledge. Understanding what flex hours are and how they can benefit you and your employer can help you find that perfect position. Don't be afraid to ask about flex hours, even if the company features a more traditional set-up, as you never know what they might be willing to offer.

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