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How to Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin profile

July 16 2021 - Whether youíre looking to level up from your current office position or youíre a freelancer looking for more contract jobs, LinkedIn is the perfect place to expand your network.

You might be someone who doesnít fully trust the power of a job-search-based social media platform. That said, it can do wonders for your professional career - but only if you curate your LinkedIn profile to do the majority of the work for you.

You want to grab the attention of potential employers, but you donít have to tell your whole life story in the summary section. If you need the best tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, you can start learning right here.

Professional Profile Photo

First impressions are paramount when creating new work connections. Your profile photo is one of the first things employers or recruiters will look at when they see your profile.

You can show off a little bit of your personality, but for the most part, make sure itís professional.

Itís wise to invest in†headshot photography†so that your photos look of the highest quality, and not like you took a selfie in your bedroom.

Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline portion of your profile is what will attract employers to dig deeper into your work history and relevant skills. Use attractive SEO keywords that will help highlight your profile.

Also, keep it simple. You need to market yourself in just a few words because recruiters will quickly move on if they donít see the qualities and experience theyíre searching for.

Relevant Experience and Skills

As mentioned above, you donít have to give a detailed rundown of every job youíve ever had on your LinkedIn profile.

Present only pertinent details and skills that present you as a quality candidate for the kind of job youíre looking for.

This is another section where keywords and buzzwords are important. Check out the profiles of some of the companies youíd love to work for and see what words they use to describe their employees or company culture.

Updated Contact Information

If an employer likes what they see on your digital resume, theyíll want to be able to contact you right away. There are messaging options on LinkedIn, but sometimes a recruiter will want to reach out to you more directly.

Make yourself easy to contact by having updated contact information present on your profile.

Resume and Portfolio

Further, itís not necessary to list all of your relevant work experience on your online profile. Attach your full resume, as well as a†portfolio of your past work†if you have it.

Your goal is to attract employers with a summarized resume so they will want to check out your full resume and portfolio.

Top LinkedIn Profile Tips

You want to encourage recruiters to reach out to you as a potential candidate for your dream job. All you have to do is put a pointed effort into curating your LinkedIn profile.

In reality, it doesnít take that much time, and the potential benefits could be boundless.

Want to gain more knowledge on the art of job searching? Check out our†other articles to discover all the information you never knew you needed.

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