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How WordPress can be used to help with your firm's HR

September 27 2021 - For many years, WordPress (WP) has been the tool of choice for web developers the world over to build client websites.

Indeed, the platform currently powers around 40% of all websites online today - and accounts for almost 64% of all Content Management System (CMS) sites.

However, while you might think you’re already quite familiar with the awesome capabilities of WP when it comes to site construction and maintenance, the system also has a few hidden features up its sleeves that you could use to help with your firm’s HR.

The power of plugins

One of the greatest advantages of WP from a development point of view is the platform’s incredible range and diversity of easy-to-install plugins covering almost all conceivable uses that can be used to extend websites. If you search in the WP backend, you’ll find tools for everything from extended security to mapping and live exchange rates.

However, scratch a little further under the surface and you’ll also find a vast array of resources that can be used for HR purposes - anything from holiday planners to accounting and payroll plugins. Clearly, most of these add-ons would be best held in a secure area on your site (i.e. not open to the public), but they can bring added value and help automate your processes. Your local WordPress development agency will be able to help you build a private, employee-only space behind your main WP site.

Free or premium?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and the best WP HR plugins do come at a price. Although the majority of tools come in both free and premium versions, if you’re to unlock the best features of these add-ons, you’d be best paying the developers for the full kit and caboodle. Also, when you consider the development time that goes into programming software, it’s the least you could do to support the coding team and help them go on to making bigger and better apps.

The most common areas covered by WordPress HR plugins

Due to the wide range of plugins on the market, it would be impossible to list all the features of all the available software, however, some of the more common uses for WP HR software include:

Employee information: Even the most basic HR apps let you store your employees’ primary contact and personal details.

Activity and workload trackers: Get an overhead view of the projects that are keeping your team busy so you can plan ahead for new jobs.

Notification systems: Send out company-wide or employee/team-specific emails with ease. Note, many of these systems can be extended to include SMS communications.

Holiday and leave allotment: Track which team members will be on holiday or out-of-office leave so that you don’t leave yourself short of staff.

Payslip generators: In most companies, the workers receive a fixed monthly wage on a set day of the month. Use a WP HRpayslipp generator to remove this cumbersome task from your accounts team.

Employee portals: Build a company-wide portal of resources for your team covering anything from commonly used corporate documents to key internal and external contact details.

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