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4 Best Ways to Network and Act Natural

Best ways to network

January 22 2020 - How did you get your last job or most recent commission? Was it by blindly sending out submissions and emails hoping you got lucky or was it through a friend or colleague?

The chances are it was the latter. This is because - like it or not - we are more inclined to work with someone we know already rather than take a gamble on an unknown.

So if you want to get hired then you need to become a master at networking. If you're struggling don't despair. Here is our guide to the best ways to network.

1. It's All About Them Not You

There's a large misconception about networking that you need to sell yourself. Simply walking up to someone and reeling off your CV, however impressive it is, however, is not going to work.

You will alienate that person who may feel overwhelmed by the fact you seem so desperate to get hired.

In fact, the best networking is done by talking about the other person, not yourself. The science behind networking is all about building relationships. By engaging those you are talking to and talking about their life and their business ambitions you are flattering them and making them feel at ease.

The chances are they are more likely to warm to you and remember you when they see you again or the next time they are hiring.

2. Networking Is About Socialising Not Just Work

Many people think networking is just about work. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, networking is what we do to forge friendships as well as business contacts. We are building genuine social connections.

We are working out who is who, what we like and don't like in a person. Often the basis for these conversations is not through work at all but through our social interests. So don't be afraid to discuss mutual interests.

What television programs are you currently binging on Netflix and have they seen them too? If you have traveled to a new city to attend the networking event ask them where are the best places to eat and drink.

3. Listen Don't Talk

Another key part of how to network is to listen rather than talk. It's all too easy to talk about ourselves but it's also easy to pretend to listen when really we are focusing on other things.

Try to take in what people say to you during networking events and how they say it. You can learn an awful lot about business even if you don't feel you connect with the person or you don't agree with their perspective. Later on, you can start to figure out why you didn't agree.

If in doubt check out Jordan Harbinger and his tips on networking.

4. Have a Business Card at the Ready

Finally, always ensure you have a good stack of business cards ready to go. Remember if you have multiple businesses or freelance roles to hand out one card for each.

Also, be clear to ensure that your contact details are up to date and your new connections can contact you on multiple channels.

Best Ways to Network? Be Yourself

If there's one rule that sums up the best ways to network it is to be yourself. Don't worry about what others may or might think, simply relax into it and enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in reading more about the best ways to network, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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