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4 Surprising Ways to Boost the Morale of Your Employees

October 8 2022 - Boosting morale in your organization will allow you to have a more efficient workforce, increase your retention rates, and even make it easier for you to attract new talent. Thatís because employees who love their job are more likely to turn into advocates and elevate your brand as an employer. Better morale also means that employees are less likely to cut corners, be absent, or work dangerously.

Some business owners may assume that they need to roll out all sorts of wellness programs and initiatives to improve morale. But the reality is that small changes could make much more of a difference than you can imagine. Let's take a look at a few surprising ways that you can boost the morale of your employees.

Get Better Internet

Your current internet service might seem fine to you if all you do is take calls and emails, but is it for your employees? You should speak with your employees who routinely have to upload large files or download them. Ask if they have any frustrations with the internet.

You should also check if your VoIP calls have interference or if you're struggling to stay connected or get a consistent stream during video chats. If you've noticed any of these things in your organization, you should check out a Moscow Mills internet service provider that offers fiber internet and make the switch as soon as possible.

Encourage Healthy Competition

Competition in the workplace can be good and both improve productivity and morale. It can also be used to help build team spirit. If you feel like your sales team is disjointed, for instance, then you could set up a competition between your day and evening teams. Make sure that the prizes you give away are team-oriented and not individual, however, as you may make some people jealous and defeat your whole purpose.

Encourage Open Discussion

When businesses think about meetings, they usually imagine themselves speaking with the employees with maybe a Q&A at the end. But you have to let your employees speak their minds, not only with you but with other employees as well. Try to make some of your meetings feel more like forums. This will help the employees settle differences civilly and prevent conflict from rotting your workforce from within.

Improve Ventilation

Few people think about air quality when it comes to morale, but you could be surprised by how much of an impact it can have. Poor air quality can make your employees feel exhausted, sluggish, and sick, which are all bad news for their mood. This is why you need to have the air in your workplace tested today, and see if you could make changes like tightening your maintenance schedule, upgrading to a better system, or installing better air filters, among other things.


There are so many different ways to boost morale and productivity in your organization. We hope these ideas will help you think out of the box and find a way to make your employees engaged and feel more motivated.

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