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Vital Qualifications HR Should Search for in Important Hires

October 26 2019 - The need for qualified employees is greater than ever, and human resources departments know this reality all too well. With businesses seeking to minimize employee turnover and inefficiency across departments, making the right decisions can initially make a huge difference in how profitable an enterprise will be for months or even years to come.

Given that HR departments are often tasked with hiring decisions directly or indirectly, being equipped with as much information as possible is crucial during the recruitment and hiring processes. Different departments require different types of employees, and while many qualifications and characteristics in new hires are universally desirable, knowing which factors to consider in each potential hire can make a phenomenal difference in employee performance.

To further guide the hiring process toward more desirable outcomes, knowing which qualifications to consider for the most essential hires is necessary. As such, here are the factors HR managers and hiring professionals should seek when hiring for key departments.

For Customer Service Hires

In many respects, customer service representatives are the first line of defense for businesses. Interacting with the public either in-person or via the phone, countless positive and negative impressions can be made on customers and clients depending on the caliber of the representatives hired.

While many companies may consider customer service representatives less than critical, they are arguably more responsible for how the public perceives a brand than any other department. As such, securing the right representatives is vital in portraying a positive image and amplifying any existing messaging projected by marketing efforts.

Ideally, HR departments should seek to hire individuals with prior customer service experience; those who work in the field earn valuable experience with age and can more effectively mediate in times of conflict or confusion. A general sense of intelligence, coupled with clear communication skills, is also a valuable qualification that any new hire in this department should possess.

For IT & Security Hires

Modern business has a variety of fundamental requirements, but the technology that integrates products, consumers and departments is often the lifeblood of any endeavor. One glitch or misstep, and a businessís day-to-day operations can come to a grinding halt. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that computer-savvy hires who are versed in information systems, networking, and security are required for smooth sailing.

Cyber security hires are crucial, as they keep the companyís sensitive data protected from would-be thieves. While there may be some skepticism about hiring individuals who have online degrees, those who have completed a 100% online masters in cyber security can sometimes be preferable, as their skill-set and talents relate exclusively to online-based and networked systems.

In addition to new hires who have completed 100% online masters in cyber security programs, various IT hires should possess an advanced degree coupled with multiple certifications. These may include CCNA, CompTIA A+ technician status, MCSE, and CISSP certifications. Given that job opportunities for cyber security and IT positions are abundant, businesses should go the extra mile in securing the most qualified hires with an array of benefits and perks; this department is not one where skimping on quality is recommended.

For Marketing Hires

Along with customer service workers, those in marketing are at the center of how a business is viewed. Even the greatest businesses with the most revolutionary products can fall flat on their faces if they do not possess a concrete message and marketing plan. Marketing departments for businesses are now more prevalent than ever, with an array of traditional and digital marketing channels and mediums for brands to utilize.

Marketing hires must possess strong communication skills in order to be qualified. In addition, prior sales experience is often a huge plus, as it indicates that the prospective hire has had direct, front-line experience with marketing products and services to customers and clients. A bachelors or masters degree in marketing and/or business is often essential, particularly for managerial marketing positions.

For Accounting Hires

When it comes to handling money and making sure bills are paid on time, there's no room for error. HR managers and anybody else involved with the hiring process must ensure that each and every accounting hire meets rigorous standards and possesses the right balance of qualifications.

Given the potential for fraud and financial abuse within accounting departments, interviews should focus on verifying and vetting that the hires in question have strong moral and ethical boundaries. This should be followed up with a comprehensive background check to ensure there are no prior incidents or criminal activity that could indicate a future tendency to engage in financial shenanigans.

With respect to sheer qualifications, experienced accounting hires are preferred. While a four-year degree in accounting may be enough to handle the day-to-day roles of the department, experienced accountants will have amassed a world of insider information and techniques that can make the department, and therefore the business, run much smoother.

For Management Hires

Choosing who will lead each department within a business is a monumental responsibility. Human resources departments in charge of evaluating leadership material have a variety of factors to consider before committing to any one individual for a management position. While past experience is usually essential, a variety of other characteristics must also be assessed.

Arguably the most important qualification for management hires is their ability to delegate responsibilities effectively. They must also demonstrate an ability to exude confidence and explain the various roles and tasks to fellow employees. A resourceful manager generally makes a good manager, so any experience or qualifications that can demonstrate this characteristic should be carefully considered.

Most qualified managers will have a bachelors or masters degree in business administration, marketing or a specific field of study that relates to their department. Given the need for absolute confidence in management hires, HR professionals should consider those with the most prestigious and relevant degrees possible at the onset, followed by a consideration of the other aforementioned attributes once a sufficient pool of recruits has been determined.

While HR professionals arenít tasked with hiring employees at every business or brand, the responsibility often falls into the departmentís hands. By evaluating each hire based on their qualifications, characteristics, and experience, better overall results can be obtained for the company and its various departments. These five types of hires are among the most important at any business, so using these indicators as guideposts during the interview process can help produce better long-term outcomes for the company.

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