Why You Need Faster Internet for Working From Home

September 1 2022 - Only a few years ago, working from home was something that was quite rare and only mostly enjoyed by business owners and freelancers who had taken the time to set up a career for themselves that allowed them to do this. However, this all changed overnight with the COVID19 pandemic, which saw the majority of office workers around the world switch to working from home in a bid to keep themselves and people around them safe from the virus. Today, while itís now possible to return to work safely, the benefits of remote working have become more well-known and many companies have decided to continue offering it either with full-time remote or hybrid working setups, where employees work in the office some days of the week and from home the rest. If this sounds like your job, then here are some reasons why you should consider getting a faster internet connection for working from home.

More Reliability

When you are working from home, the last thing that you will want to have to deal with is a slow internet connection that keeps dropping out while you are trying to get things done. It can seriously hamper your productivity and be frustrating for both you and the people that you are working on tasks with remotely. Switching to faster, more reliable internet such as the Wyyerd fiber internet service will give you peace of mind when it comes to getting your work done from home online.

Account for Heavier Use

If before working from home you mainly used your internet at home for browsing, scrolling through social media, and occasionally streaming a movie or TV show, then you may have noticed that since you started working from home your connection has become noticeably slower. This is because the tasks youíre doing are taking up more bandwidth, and since there may be others in your home who are also using the internet at the same time, itís being divided up between more tasks.

Better Video Calling

If your work from home job requires that you go on video calls, but youíre noticing that when you are video calling with colleagues, the picture is patchy or youíre struggling to be heard or hear others, then this could be a sure sign that your internet connection at home is just not good enough for the tasks that you need it to do. If you can get it, super-fast fiber optic broadband is definitely the best choice for video calling as it has much faster download speeds.

Keep the Household Happy

If youíre working from home but you have other family members simply living in the house while youíre in the home office, then faster internet will help to keep everybody happy. The last thing that you want is for your kids to be struggling to get on Netflix or play games in their downtime because youíre working and hogging all the bandwidth.

If your work life now looks more remote for the future, then itís worth getting a fast, reliable internet connection that can keep up.