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5 Interview Questions For The Developers That Will Help You To Create An Online Store App

June 21 2022 - Hiring a developer to create a mobile app for your online store is not an easy task. It is something you should never do headfirst. What happens when you make the right hiring decision? You will get an amazing app with your desired features promptly. What if you make the wrong hiring choice? Unexpected delays, incurred extra costs and missed target windows, among others, are what you will get.

Online shopping app development is a huge investment for your business. This is one of the reasons why you should not risk hiring the wrong app developer. In this article, we will delve into 5 interview questions for developers to help you create your store app. In addition, we encourage you to read about how to make a shopping app that is nothing short of impressive, according to EPAM Anywhere Business.

5 interview questions for developers that will help you to create your store app

Finding and interviewing the right developer to create your shopping app takes time, but it is certainly well worth your time and effort. Even so, hiring the best developer can be trickier and more difficult if you are new to the mobile app world. However, you donít need to worry because we will guide you through 5 interview questions that will help you make the right developer choice for your app development project.

Can you show me some of the developed mobile apps?

This seems to be the first question that comes to mind when interviewing a developer that wants to help you build a store app. First, ensure you test drive the apps they have developed in the past to ensure that whatever app they build will meet your requirements. It would help if you also asked the developers to share their experiences on some of their projects. If a developer is not confident and open about his previous work and experiences, they might not be right for the job.

Tell me about your worst experience while building a mobile app and how you overcame it?

The previous question must have led to you listening to stories about big wins, but now is the time to listen to all kinds of challenges they have encountered as app developers. This question lets you know a developerís analytical, problem-solving, and research-oriented approaches to resolving challenges and failures. You are surely close to hiring the right developer if they can explain the bugs and resolutions to all the errors encountered while making a store app.

What size of companies have you worked with in the past?

This question is perfect for you if you own a large enterprise. Your responses allow you to know if a developer has experience matching your businessís size. If a developer has a keen understanding of processes and how paperwork, procedure, and budgets are managed, they may be considered to create a mobile app for your online store.

How do you handle security issues?

Building online shopping apps is one thing; securing usersí data is another. Code is one of the most vulnerable features of any mobile app and needs protection against hackers. Any developer that you will be giving your app project to must know how to prevent and handle security issues whenever one arises. A developer is expected to show their security knowledge and expose their ideas about how to minimize security issues in the app they are about to build.

How can you help me make money off my app?

A developer should know mobile advertising channels that you can use to drive sales on your store app. For example, developing an online shopping app is to increase revenues. Therefore, a developer that has enough ideas in this regard can easily find their way to the top of your hiring list.


This article has looked at 5 interview questions for developers that will help you create your store app. Building online shopping apps is more than just building websites because it involves a huge investment. You need the best app development services to keep your customers engaged and drive more sales. Use these interview questions for developers as a guide to preventing making costly mistakes, and of course, feel free to reach out to EPAM Anywhere Business, too.

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