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How an Online Presence Helps Attorneys Improve Their Employment Prospects

September 24 2019 - Whether you are emerging from law school eager to find your first job or you have been working as an attorney for years, one factor that can push you ahead of the competition is how you have developed your online presence. When searching up your name, what can be found out about your history in a professional context? Will employers carrying out a search be able to find out where you went to school or what states you passed the bar in? Have you differentiated yourself from other attorneys who might share a similar name? If you have worked on creating a positive web presence, you will have a vast amount of employment prospects.

Starting with Social Networks

While there are many different social networks to choose from, only a select number of them are going to be beneficial to legal professionals. For marketing purposes alone, platforms like LinkedIn and even Facebook are gold for attorneys. Consult with to start up an online marketing campaign designed with your future career in mind. Remember that your entry-level job in law can lead to great things, so spend as much time as needed working on a long-term plan.

Immersing Yourself in the Online Legal Community

Every opportunity you have to present your thoughts and opinions on the law should be a welcome invitation. This really means that part of your web presence should include scholarly articles submitted to respected legal publications. It could be a blog or a national legal magazine. The point is that whatever you write online can be shared via your social media profiles, promoted by colleagues, read by friends, and found by potential employers and clients alike. Anything you have written years ago will still be archived, so the more that you participate in the online legal community, the larger a c atalog you can build up.

Online Legal Marketing and Confidence

When you hit the 'submit' button on a new blog post, share an interesting article on social media, or just simply post a comment to a colleague's page, you are proving your confidence little by little. Because an attorney's reputation is everything, what they do in the public sector can have a very big impact on their future. And, while communicating about a particularly tricky law topic with colleagues can lead to thoughtful discussion, laymen might construe a legally sound argument as being unempathetic, rude, or curt. Mastering the art of communication itself requires the speaker to have enough confidence to put themselves out there again and again. Pushing forward with a marketing strategy is something that will pay in dividends as far as confidence goes.

There are attorneys who have no websites, no social media profiles and very little information on the web who do very well for themselves. In many cases, these same attorneys have been practicing law for longer than the web has been widely assessable. There are always exceptions to the rule, but common knowledge shows that online marketing and maintaining a web presence are the best things for an attorney's career.

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