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How to Build a Social Network in 7 Different Ways

Social network

August 14 2020 - If you're looking to expand your network, you've got plenty of options online. Over three billion people use social media every day.

But how can you grow your online presence in a way that gets you results? Do you know how to build a social network to help your career grow?

Whether you're searching for your dream job or just want to enhance your digital presence, we've got you covered. Here are seven ways to build a social media network that works for you!

1. Go Where the People Are

The number one social media platform in the world is Facebook. If you're looking to meet more people online, you need to go to where they are.

Don't just start asking everyone to be your friend. Join online groups in your field, join their discussions, and make meaningful contributions.

2. Build Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is the ultimate social networking platform for those who are invested in their career. As a professional, it's crucial to have a strong profile on this site.

Polish your profile to make sure it includes your latest achievements. To really take it to the next level, hire a LinkedIn profile writing service.

3. Complete Your Profiles

Did you get excited about social media networking, join all of the platforms, but never filled them out completely? Go back now and fill in all of the crucial information.

This gives the platform algorithm more information so they can suggest relevant people to you and suggest you to others.

4. Add Your Profiles to Emails

Your email signature is prime real estate for your social media accounts. Add your links to your emails so that people you reach out to every day can easily find you.

5. Be an Authority

The people you want to meet are probably looking for information about the same subjects you are. Present yourself as an authority and they'll come to you.

Make videos about your work on YouTube (the second most popular social media platform). Start a blog and promote your social media accounts there, too.

6. Be Professional

You wouldn't show up to a conservative office in a cocktail dress or in a tattered tee shirt. Your online profiles should be just as polished as you are at work.

Delete all of the pics and videos that cast you in a less-than-professional light. Better yet, move them all to a private account for your private life and create career-only online profiles.

7. Consistency is Key

Don't go months between posting, stick to a schedule. Also keep your tone even-keeled and don't veer from light and upbeat to doom and gloom without a good segue.

When you step back and look at all of your accounts, they should seem to have a consistent theme. Create a posting schedule for yourself with pre-written post ideas if it helps.

How to Build a Social Network that Works

These seven tips are sure to build your presence online and boost your career. Now that you know how to build a social network online, you're going to see great results!

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