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5 Things You Need to Know Before Suing Your Employer

Suing Your Employer

December 3 2019 - Are you thinking about suing your employer? Before you sue anyone, you need to know if you have grounds to sue your employer and what proof you need to have in order to get the results you want.

If you've been wronged, you have every right to a fair settlement. In this article, we are going to talk to you about things you need to know before filing your lawsuit. Continue reading to get the tips you need to succeed.

1. Does Your Situation Warrant a Lawsuit?

Before you sue your employer, you need to know if you have a situation that warrants a lawsuit. If you're unhappy with your job or don't like the way your boss talks to you, you may want to find another job vs. sue them.

Some of the situations where you should file a lawsuit are as follows:

  • When you've been discriminated against due to race, gender, sex, religion, disability, or ethnicity.
  • When you've suffered harassment and your employer does nothing about it.
  • When you've been wrongfully terminated.
  • When you've suffered a workplace injury.

If your situation falls under any of the above, you might be able to sue your employer and win.

2. Do You Have Proof?

If you don't have proof of the incident, you're going to have a hard time getting a verdict that you're pleased with. If you're trying to get a structured settlement or other compensation for damages but you don't have proof, you're fighting a losing battle.

Talk to people that might be able to witness in your case. Write down any happenings that support your claim and make sure to date everything.

3. Do You Know the Kind of Claim You Have?

Before you try to go to court, you should figure out what type of claim you might have. Making sure you classify your case properly is important.

If you aren't sure the type of case you might be dealing with, you should consider speaking to an attorney to help you put everything together. You only have one shot at your claim and if you aren't confident in your abilities, a professional can help you.

4. Do You Know the Laws Around Your Claim?

Even if you've heard from other people that you have a valid case, it helps if you know what the laws are around your claim.

Look up the actual laws beyond just researching and finding people talking about the laws. The more you know about laws related to your situation, the easier it is for you to be able to get the results you want out of your case.

5. Have You Tried Other Resolutions?

Before you sue your employer, have you tried everything else? Have you spoke to your boss and gone to HR to find a resolution?

Try resolving the situation without legal action and if that doesn't work -- it's time for court.

Be Careful When Suing Your Employer

Now you are prepared for suing your employer. Continue to be careful and document anything that you think might be illegal.

Do you want to learn more about legal matters and other important topics? Our site is full of articles that are related to legal issues and more.

Browse our site, find your favorite section, place a bookmark and come back soon to read more.

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