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How to Improve Your Managerial Skills

October 26 2019 - After working hard to reach your managerial position, itís important that you maintain it. Constant learning and development is still applicable, even if you have reached a position of high status within a business. In fact, it's even more prudent because you're therefore responsible for a working team, and significant business decisions.

When looking to improve your managerial skills, here are vital methods to ensure success.

Gain the Guidance of a Training Company

A professional training company that concentrates on the skills needed by a management team will be equipped to offer essential guidance and development. A training course is perfect for those managers who are just started out, simply looking to brush up their skills or are interested in being the best they can be. A professional training company like Karrass offers tailored courses with various locations that are worth looking into.

Hone Your Feedback Strategy

This is crucial and applies to both negative and positive feedback. There will undoubtedly be a time when you, unfortunately, need to give critical feedback or even discipline a staff member, but itís how you do it that matters more.

With negative feedback, you need to be constructive and offer guidance. An employee may have made

Simply punishing an employee in an off-hand manner, or telling them that they have made a mistake and not helping them to understand why is bad management.

Likewise, always make time for the positive feedback and praise too. Employees do not want to hear from a manager only when they have bad things to say. Recognizing hard work is important for productivity, and employees will feel more happy with their working environment when their hard work is acknowledged.

With positive reinforcement, try to be specific on a one-to-one basis with team members, rather than a general "you're all doing a great job" within a team meeting.

Provide an Outlet for Employees to Be Heard

A good manager needs to be able to listen, and employees need to feel as though they can speak to their manager regarding any concerns. You don't want to risk upsetting or losing employees because they feel frustrated with an unreceptive atmosphere where they can't offer an opinion.

This could be done in several ways:

  • Remind team members that they can always approach you privately with any concerns, any time.
  • Ask team members to email you personally with any concerns and assure them it will be handled confidentially.
  • Operate a clear feedback system, such as a suggestion box, which you then ensure you read regularly.
  • Always act on any concerns raised; simply listening and just doing nothing is as bad as failing to listen.
  • Check in regularly with employees. Team members may only raise concerns when you ask them, and not off their own back if they feel .

Through these points, you can work to greatly improve your managerial skills for a better working environment.

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