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How to Build a Marketing Team You Can Trust

September 14 2021 - Marketing is one of the key pillars of any ambitious business plan. Itís what youíll use to drive sales through increasing your exposure and showing off the very best of your brand and your products. But itís also something that takes technical skills, imagination, creativity, and experience - and for that, youíll need the right human resources. Here, weíll look at your options when it comes to hiring or outsourcing to build a winning team that will take your brand and present it in the best possible light to the highest possible number of consumers.


The businesses that are relatively small, entering their first phase of growth with only a handful of employees, may find it difficult to hire the right personnel for the marketing jobs they have in mind. Whether thatís because hiring simply takes too long, or you donít yet have the funds to pay new wages, youíll be looking to market on the cheap, using the skills and expertise you already have in-house.

Happily, this isnít a bad option for small and ambitious businesses or startups. The key is to use your time and money wisely, asking your team to look into ways to market your products that wonít break the bank. Two avenues you should consider pursuing here are social media marketing - which is often free unless you pay for adverts - and partnerships with other brands, who will promote your products as you promote theirs on your website.


As you grow and more resources become available to expand your team, itíll be time to hire in the talent that will be able to build bigger and better marketing campaigns for your team. Here, youíll be looking to copywriters who are well-schooled in SEO or IT professionals who know how to set up complex adverts online.

Ultimately, itís important that youíre hiring experience. This is especially true of startups that are looking to expand fast: you canít afford to train junior employees, and you need to hit the ground running in order to justify the extra wages youíre now paying. Hire wisely in order to build a strong team you can rely upon.


The final option for larger firms - or small firms with a large budget to spend on getting seen by millions of consumers - is to outsource to an agency team. Firms such as SEO Ibťrica are able to work closely with your brand and your existing marketing team to build on what youíve already produced. Theyíll also take your marketing approach into exciting new directions.

One of these is international SEO marketing, which helps to optimize your content for an audience of web users in different countries and using different languages. The expansion in your reach that such approaches can garner can see you experience an explosion of sales. And these agency teams to which you outsource will always share their ideas and approaches with your internal team, bolstering your knowledge for future marketing drives.

There you have it: the three key ways in which you can build a reliable marketing team you can trust in the second half of 2021 and beyond.

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