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Is creating your own brand the shortest route to eCommerce success?

September 9 2021 - There are many reasons why it is a good move to have your own brand, regardless of whether you are selling consumables or clothes. It can help your products stand out, your business be known, as well as help you reach the profit margin for each individual item that you desire. It can also show that you mean business to any prospective investor, and therefore, give your business more credibility over others.

Having a strong online presence

It is very important when selling your own brand products to gain as much of the customer base available to you as possible by selling worldwide. In order to do this, you must make sure that you have a strong online presence and that your website, along with your products, are found easily.

This is totally unachievable unless you have excellent seo for your ecommerce brand. The best way of achieving this is to have a team of specialists around you who know what they are doing in order to get the best results.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the way in which search engines (such as Google) rank your website. For the best results of your website being viewed, you need to get on to page one and preferably to the top of that page too. If you do not know what you are doing when it comes to SEO, it is very easy to waste money and not see any return on your time, whereas if you use the services of specialists or professionals, you will see good results and fast, so your monetary investment will be quickly rewarded in new customers and interest in your products.

Obtaining a catchy phrase

Although obtaining a catchy phrase is not necessarily a must, it does help with keeping products in the forefront of the public eye. For instance, someone saying "Iím loviní it" brings to mind a certain fast-food outlet, even if they were not even talking about food.

This is a very powerful form of linking your products or brand within the publicís mind, and this in itself is a great form of advertising.

When choosing a phrase, make sure that it is short and sweet, that it rolls off the tongue but is something that makes sense to your particular products. Ensure that it is written on your website, social media platforms, literature, advertising, and freebies that your business gives out so that it gets well known and associated with your business and products.

Free advertising in Swag and Wraps

Take advantage of free advertising by offering your employees and customers good quality items of company swag. You will need to make sure that they are items that are likely to be worn or used in public in order for this free advertising to be successful. Items such as good quality t-shirts, snapback hats, beanies, and tote bags tend to go down well, but do make sure that the artwork you choose for your design is desirable and eye-catching without being salesy.

Using transfer wraps for company vehicles is another really good way of getting your brand noticed. These are available in different sizes so that you do not necessarily have to have a full-body wrap. Although these are the most noticeable and eye-catching, they are also available in door stickers or rear window films.

Full body wraps or transfers do not damage the paintwork on the vehicles, although they do have a natural lifespan and are known to crack or lift when they need replacing.

By taking advantage of your company cars and vans, you will be getting free advertising wherever your vehicles are parked as well as wherever they are seen enroute.

Offering discounts and samples

There is nothing that gets a customerís word of mouth recommendation more than having discounts and free samples on the table. Everybody likes to get something for free, and if you give away free samples of your products, you are more likely to get more orders, especially if you are savvy about the samples you are giving out.

By using samples in this way, you can promote certain products you are offering for sale, which may then benefit from a surge in sales or move end of stock items - though the whole purpose of this is to get your customers to buy a larger version of your sample item.

You can also entice your customers to spend more with your business by offering a freebie or discounts if they spend over a certain amount or buy a particular product. You would be surprised at the number of items which are bought mainly for the freebie rather than for the product itself.

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