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How Human Resources are Using Digital Marketing to Improve Their Performance

March 20 2020 - Human Resources are an important department in the successful running of any organization. Afterall, the talent of a company's employees is considered one of the most valuable resources and HR is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing that talent.

HR is also largely accountable for employee relations, payroll, benefits, training and company culture. So how does all that tie in with the latest in digital marketing, and how can digital marketing improve the performance of HR departments?

How Digital Marketing is Influencing Recruitment

Gone are the days where job openings are appearing in the local paper as a way of attracting talent. With a much more mobile population, companies are throwing their net far and wide in order to entice the right employees to apply for openings.

Digital marketing methods can help successful recruitment campaigns, in fact new employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first six months.

LinkedIn is now considered a central hub for hiring talent. Resumes, work histories and accolades are all available for prospective employers, making this resource a goldmine for all HR teams. As a platform, LinkedIn has been designed for headhunting and talent recruitment and therefore is an invaluable tool for HR departments.

Websites and Their Influence on HR

A company website is often the first encounter a prospective employee will have with a company. This in turn presents HR professionals with an opportunity to create a positive first impression and ensure that their web presence is performing as an essential tool for attracting new talent.

HR websites in particular are often used as information hubs for new and existing talent, providing vital details such as growth reports, job listings, informative articles and up to date information regarding the company.

Email Campaigns as an HR Tool

Content rich, informative email campaigns are another example of how digital marketing services can be used as a way of engaging prospective candidates. These can also be linked to articles on the company webpages as an additional way of capitalizing on this resource and creating a lasting buzz around recruitment campaigns.

Social Channels as Recruitment Tools

With roughly 80% of job seekers now utilizing social media for their daily job search, it is vital that HR tap into this digital marketing platform in order to maximize the scope of their recruitment efforts. While different social media platforms offer different scope for engagement, it is prudent for HR departments to ensure they have a positive presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This is not only as a means of attracting new talent, but also to communicate your company culture to prospective employees and for communicating effectively and engaging with current employees.

Digital Marketing to Communicate Company Culture

Effectively communicating company culture is important for ensuring that prospective candidates are the right fit for the company. The various platforms available within digital marketing practices are an ideal way for HR to provide a picture of workspaces or other perceived benefits within the company.

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