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Solid reasons why you should build your HR site or online repository in WordPress

November 19 2021 - In recent years, the web has become the primary tool for companies to reach out to new clients and expand into new markets. Coupled with social media pages, a company website is the greatest promotional tool in a firm's entire marketing arsenal and, in most cases, provides the first point of contact for finding new work.

To make the best possible first impression, you need a well-designed, easy to navigate website that bolsters your image and successfully describes the various benefits your HR firm can bring to clients - and to achieve all that, you need a robust Content Management System (CMS) that makes designing, developing and updating your site a breeze.

Why you should choose WordPress for your HR site

Since it first launched in 2003, WordPress (WP) has grown from a relatively basic blogging platform into the CMS of choice for companies and individuals all around the world. These days, WP powers approximately 37% of all sites globally - everything from basic blog pages right up to the likes of the official BBC America and Sony Music websites. Indeed, the WP CMS is now so popular that it accounts for around 65% of all CMS-driven sites.

There are many reasons why WordPress has grown so quickly, but, as an overview, the platform offers many advantages over its rivals:

WordPress is provided free of charge: From its inception, WP has always been provided for free, meaning you or your chosen website developer can produce your site at a lower rate and achieve a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

WP has a plugin for practically every possible use: Whether you're looking for ways to display the local weather or want to set up a password-protected area for file-sharing with clients, you'll find a pre-built template that can help in the extensive WP plugin library. No matter what you want to add to your site, you can be pretty sure a plugin already exists.

WordPress is secure with multiple options to increase protection: Out of the box, the WP framework is highly secure - plus, it's regularly updated to deal with emerging threats. Additionally, there is a plethora of supplementary security plugins to choose from that will increase your protection against hackers. Nonetheless, this places the onus on the website admin to add software and install updates as and when they become available. If that sounds like too much of a headache, thankfully, there are also numerous specialist WP companies that can look after your site security for you - click to learn more.

WordPress is open-source: From a developer's point of view, one of the greatest advantages of WP is the fact it's open-source. This means a website development company with the required skills can make even complex changes to your site - for example, adding private staff or client areas.

WP places a high emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Recent research shows that around 71% of all consumer journeys start with an online search so if your site isn't ranked in Google and other search engines, you're likely losing out on business. WP prioritizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) making your site more visible in searches to drive more traffic.

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