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4 Things You Need to Know Before Accepting a Job

October 15 2019 - Looking for a new job can be a daunting and exciting time for you. However, there are many considerations which you need to take into account when finding the perfect job. These will ensure that you are happy, motivated and safe within your new career and the company which you have chosen.

1. Health and Safety Regulations

When you are looking for employment, it is vital that your employers are able to show evidence of a stable health and safety policy that can help to prevent injury in the workplace and ensure that all of their employees are able to feel happy and content in their place of work. Employers have a number of responsibilities to their employees that it is vital that you check for. These include their obligations to ensure that the building is safe for employees, and that they provide the correct training for the use of equipment and for any job-specific roles which you will have to perform. However, it is also important to be aware of your rights if you are injured and your potential employer’s responsibility for this. For instance, employers should report injuries in an accident book and you should be aware of the law with concerns to workers compensation tax in the event of an injury in the workplace.

2. Company Values

However, one of the major considerations that you need to think about before accepting a job offer is the values of the company and whether they match with your outlook. For instance, you should ensure that every company that you get an interview with has a solid policy in reference to their employee's wellbeing and happiness within the company, focused on the personal growth of each individual employee and the fostering of any career plan that you may have. Company values may also include wider viewpoints that you may be partial to, such as charities that they support, or politics.

3. Their Retirement Plan and Benefits

It is also important when you accepting a job offer to consider pension schemes. Workers in the USA will receive a state pension through social security benefits, which is based on the highest 35 years of your income, which is given at 66. However, employers can contribute to pensions by setting up private pension funds for their employees, which both they and their workers can contribute towards. This can help to care for you when you are too old to work, and a good pension scheme is one of the most highly sought after elements when employees are looking for a job. You should also consider the benefits that the company offers its employees. For instance, does it offer a health plan? Are there regular incentives such as promotions and pay rises that can keep your career moving?

4. Education Opportunities

The salary is not the only important aspect of any new job, and you should also be aware of the opportunity for growth within the company, such as educational opportunities and promotions. When you are at the interview, you should be prepared to ask whether the company offers any qualifications, training, or extra courses that could complement your job role, as well as whether there are any career shadowing opportunities that you could take up in mind of a promotion.


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