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How to find the best recruits

September 28 2019 - It can be difficult for companies to find new people to join their business. Whether it's through expansion or employees have left, you will need to sign up new recruits to your workplace.

So how do you do that?

Ask around

It may be that the ideal candidate for you to hire is closer than you think. A LinkedIn survey from 2016 said 85% of jobs are filled by networking - so you or a colleague may already know the perfect person to hire.

It might be that someone who works in a similar role knows a former colleague who would be a good fit, for example. Referrals can be from these trusted sources, or even who’s in your organisation already - so you might already employ the right person for your open role, but they’re just in another job at the moment.

Then there are online networks such as LinkedIn itself. Networking isn’t about the number of people you know, but the quality of the connections you have. When searching on LinkedIn, it's worth looking and then asking about specific people to mutual connections.

You can also get back in touch with previous candidates. They have had an interest in working for your company before and they may still want to join your firm. They could be better suited to this position than the one they had originally applied for, so it's worth getting back in touch with them.

Use recruitment agencies

This could be a great initiative for HR teams to use when looking for new recruits for your business. The hiring process can be quite time-consuming so, for starters, recruitment agencies can find candidates for your roles quickly so you can fill the position sooner.

You will have qualified candidates sent to you, too. When a recruitment agency gets to know a client, they know what skills and type of person that the company is looking to take on - so are more likely to offer you potential employees you're going to hire. If you’re looking for a short-term hire (for a project, for example), this could be the best way to get someone in quickly.

Some agencies, such as Devonshire recruitment, specialise in specific sectors. This means you can get someone best suited to your business, and the role you're trying to fill, because they have the expertise in that industry.

Be desirable

You're more likely to attract the best candidates if you offer a decent compensation package. This isn't just a salary, but other items such as a good work-life balance, being able to work from home, paid time off, and being able to innovate in the workplace.

So, create an employee value proposition. This can be used to sell your company to potential hires, and will help your company look tempting to top prospects.

These are just some of the ways you can get the best people to fill roles at your business. However, using these tactics may help you get good quality candidates.


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