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How You Can Find and Help Support New Employees

March 26 2022 - When your business starts to grow or when one of your employees decides to leave for other opportunities, you need to find new staff to join your team and help your company thrive. If you are an SME business owner and your company doesnít have a dedicated team big enough to take care of recruitment in-house, finding the perfect candidates for your vacancies can pose more of a challenge. Additionally, making sure that new employees are given the correct guidance and support when they start working for you is equally important but sometimes isnít as easy to organize. If you are a business owner who is worried about finding new team members for your business, here are some tips to help you out.

Think Carefully About Your Job Advertisement

When you are looking for new employees, itís not just about what the candidate can offer you but what your company can offer them. This is why itís important to think carefully about the information you include in your job advertisement and ensure that there are no grammatical errors, as this can look unprofessional. Making it clear what the salary or hourly wage will be is a must, as hiding this can sometimes be off-putting to job seekers who are looking for transparency. You should also clearly highlight what their duties will be, how many hours they can expect to work a week, and whether you would like them to hold any specific qualifications. Then, outline what perks they will get when working with your company, such as bonuses, staff days out, discount vouchers, and so on.

Use a Recruitment Agency

One option that you can explore is hiring a recruitment agency to help you find the right candidates for your vacancies. Sifting through CVs and organizing interviews takes a lot of time, and as an already very busy business owner, youíll unlikely have the time to do this yourself. A recruitment agency can provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates they have found based on your requirements, which makes this process a lot easier for you. They can also help with scheduling interviews and providing feedback to candidates on your behalf.

Hire an HR Consultant

Another service that you might find useful if you donít have a big HR department in-house is hiring an HR consultant to help you with the hiring and onboarding process. They can offer a little more in-depth support than a recruitment agency, assessing your companyís needs, the key aspects of the job role in question, writing employee contracts, assistance with employee training, payrolls and pensions, etc. A good example of this service is The HR Dept if you want to learn more.

Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome

To do this or take on this responsibility yourself, itís important to make sure that your new employees feel welcome in their new place of work. Organize a meeting with the rest of the team members to introduce them to their new colleagues and perhaps do some ice-breaker exercises. This could be particularly useful if you have hired multiple new employees at the same time. You could also consider implementing a Ďbuddyí system, where a new employee is matched with a more established team member who can help to show them the ropes for the first week or two and help them integrate with the rest of the team a little more easily.

Check-in On Them

Itís important that your new employees donít feel that you or their managers are breathing down their necks but rather check in on them to see how they are doing after a couple of weeks. You can schedule a relaxed chat with them one morning or afternoon and allow them to let you know if they need any additional support or have any concerns that they would like addressed. They might not feel confident enough to approach you with issues like this themselves, which is why offering them the opportunity to do so can be beneficial. Itís also a chance for you to give them some feedback on their performance and offer some tips and advice for them to use moving forward.

Starting a new job in a new company can be daunting sometimes, and itís always better when you feel supported by your new team and employer as you make this transition. This is why you should strive to make sure that this is being implemented within your company, but also using these other services can help you to find the best candidates who are likely to thrive within your teams.

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