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How to Get Recruited: 3 Expert Tips to Becoming a Desirable Job Candidate

How to get recruited

August 15 2020 - There are countless different tips that you could be given when it comes to showing that you're a desirable job candidate. Arrive early, dress the part, sit up straight, and look them in the eyes. All of these will get you through an interview, but they don't guarantee you the job.

You need to know exactly how to get recruited. Appearances do count for a lot, but it does take more than that to impress some recruiters.

You need to know how to get recruited for a job. This means that the job hunters will be coming to you, not the other way around.

Here's how you go about being the right person for the job and how to get recruited.

1. Stay Connected to Your Network

If you want to be a desirable job candidate, you need to know who you can turn to when you're hunting for work. Having connections in the right places is all well and good, but you need to make sure that you don't make these connections for granted.

Even when you're not actively looking for work, stay connected with as many people in your professional network as possible. Remind people who you are, and give them a reason to like you.

Often, when it comes to recruitment, it's a case of ‘who you know.' So keep your LinkedIn updated and make sure you're interacting with people of influence. This article will give you more of a low down on how to work LinkedIn to your advantage.

Then, when the right opportunity appears, you'll be on the minds of the recruiters already.

2. Make Yourself Easy to Find

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential if you want to be picked up by recruiters. Make sure that everything is filled in on there and that you're. Recruiters won't want to send out feelers to potential hires that they think aren't active on the site.

Fill out the entirety of your profile and set to work building a network related to your career. Connect with as many people as possible, particularly recruiters and HR managers working within your sector.

3. Have Your Resume Ready

If your resume is always ready, then you can just fire off a copy to recruiters at the drop of a hat. Often, the quicker you can get in there, the more likely you are to get their attention and grab the job before someone else does.

Think about creating a few different bespoke resumes that are aimed toward different career options that you're interested in. Use the active voice and talk about the things that you've done and the achievements you've been responsible for.

How to Get Recruited

Being the right person for the job means putting yourself out there. If you want to know how to get recruited without having to chase down leads yourself, then you'll need to work on building connections and being ready for the right opportunities as soon as they arise.

For more great tips, check out the rest of the site.


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