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A How-To Guide for Honing Your Recruitment Processes

April 6 2022 - Whether you are the manager, or indeed owner, of a thriving and successful large business or a smaller and family-run company, you will already be fully aware of the supreme importance of refining and honing your recruitment process on a regular basis.

Whilst it is true that without customers investing in the products or service you provide, it is just as accurate that a company of any size is simply unable to function without the support, hard work and productivity of dynamic and loyal employees.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to hone your company’s recruitment processes.

Simplify Your Job Advertisements

Whether advertising in-house, externally or, most likely, both, you should review your job advertisement standard designs and include information and strive to simplify and edit with a view to a plainer and clearer summary of the position and associated responsibilities.

The main things to include in an online, or physical, job advertisement include the following key elements:

  1. A short job title which attracts attention
  2. Write the description with your ideal candidate at the forefront of your mind
  3. Frankly, the shorter the better
  4. Only list critical and mandatory skills
  5. Define any related working relationships
  6. Mention potential and scope for development and growth

Invest In Technology

If you prefer to handle recruitment and other human resources-related processes in-house, rather than outsourcing such essential and critical duties, then it is absolutely crucial to spend time and a little money in investing in not only up-to-date and efficiency technology, but also advanced and innovative recruitment and hiring software programs and packages.

Furthermore, another vital yet surprisingly affordable task that you simply must ensure is complete is to invest in top-speed broadband and Wi-Fi internet connection. If you essentially run your business from home, matters such as How to extend your wi-fi reach and also how to calibrate multiple devices for the purposes of sharing data and information are also both important considerations.

Execute An Employee Referral Program

Another fantastic way to hone and refine your company’s recruitment processes is to implement a functional and simple employee referral program.

Essentially, an employee referral program is an excellent way of finding new and talented candidates to fulfil a particular job role by conversing and connecting with your employees and asking them for recommendations.

There is a myriad of benefits to the installation of an employee referral program:

  • A higher conversion rate
  • Employees employed in this way tend to stay with the company for longer
  • Particularly useful when looking to hire for hard-to-recruit job roles
  • Provides a substantial boost in employee branding and loyalty
  • Significant financial savings
  • Employees are far more likely to fit in with the company culture
  • A fantastic way to increase employee engagement

Utilize Candidate Assessments

The basic concept of candidate assessments has been around, in some form or other, ever since one person decided they wanted to hire another person to work for them, however these days, carrying out a detailed and thorough candidate assessment of each and every shortlisted potential employee can seriously serve to validate and authenticate your final decision.

There is widely recognized to be six basic methods of conducting an effective candidate assessment:

  1. Cognitive Ability Tests
  2. Games and Exercises
  3. Practical Samples of Previous Work
  4. Job Role Simulations
  5. Video Interviews
  6. Job Trials


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