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Why a Better Web Presence Can Improve Employee Recruitment

June 3 2020 - Everything is connected, and everyone is online. This can be seen with remote working taking center stage as well the fact that the very format of the office could change. If you can create a good enough remote working culture and even offer to cover the subscription of any co-working space once it is safe to do so, you can start to attract and work with top talent around the country.

Your existing employees can finally move out of the city and buy that family home they've always dreamed of. New recruits can be hired from anywhere, allowing you to improve your talent pool.

All of this, of course, is through online connection. Something you cannot emphasize enough is that this online connection is a two-way street. Just as you may look up potential new recruits online, they can also look up your business. Just as you have more access to talent around the country, they will also have greater opportunities from businesses with the same great idea as you.

A better web presence can help you improve employee recruitment and retention, so use these tips to make it into a reality:

1. A Better Web Presence Improves Business

Starting a new job is hard, and when people are finally ready, they don't want to join a business they don't believe will last. That is why you need to build a strong web presence ASAP. Visibility is one of the most difficult tasks for any business, but by leveraging multiple tools like social media marketing, blogger outreach, SEO, PR, and PPC marketing you can do it. For some, like SEO or blogger outreach, it is far better to outsource to a digital marketing agency like Click Intelligence to get the best results.

Grow your digital presence, grow your company, and more talented individuals will apply.

2. A Better Web Presence Advertises to Potential Employees

People want to love where they work, and part of that is loving who they work for. If you have a business model that you are proud of, or one that really gives back and helps you fight for something you believe in, then you can use that passion to attract people who are just like you. Allow interested parties to subscribe to any job postings you have, and you'll have people who don't just want a job but who want a job with you.

3. People Read Reviews

If your business has a lot of negative reviews from customers, this reflects on your business in many ways. For potential employees, it tells them that your business does not have its act together. That there is something rotten up top that has carried its way all the way down to customers.

It also hints that your business might not be open for that much longer.

Customer reviews are not the only ones that you need to worry about, however. Former employees also write reviews, especially when they had a bad experience. When employees leave, you should encourage them to write a review to help boost your company's employer profile online.

4. Be Present on Job Searching Sites

People look for jobs primarily on job-hunting sites, so create a profile that really outlines your business and benefits. It shows that you care about appealing to future hires and can help you attract top talent whether they are doing a casual search or are looking for immediate change.

Successful Onboarding

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