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How to Improve Your Hiring Process

April 16 2020 - Hiring the right person, not just for the job, but for your team is one of the most essential skills any manager or business owner could achieve. What's more, the common method of hiring a new applicant often doesn't get the job done properly. You need to think outside the box and go beyond what you think you should have to when creating a job posting and vetting applicants. Only then will you get a truly incredible lineup of potentials.

Create a Detailed Job Role

If you don't know what your new hire will be doing, then you aren't going to get the best applicants for the job. Be very detailed about their role and ensure that it fills out your team nicely. You can customize the role later on once the new employee is in their chair, yes, but for now, you need a bare minimum for the job role posting.

Write Your Job Posting with Flair

Your job posting needs to sell the position and your business. Top employees aren't just looking for a good wage, they're looking for a great work/life experience. You need to sell yourself to attract top talent to your doors.

You should have an outline of what the job entails, the experience you are looking for (essential and preferred), and of course, the deadline. Deadlines can structure your job application process better as it gives talent time to prepare their application instead of hastily sending you a copy-pasted cover letter and generic resume.

Cross-Post on Multiple Channels

Post to the broadest audience possible, which means LinkedIn and job sites. It also can't hurt to post the job listing on your social media pages for even greater exposure.

Use Software to Make the Application Process Easier

You want HR software. With it, you can efficiently process applications and automatically send out correspondence to the applicant. A thank you email for applying and a kind automated rejection letter if you aren't taking them through to the interview stage, goes a long way towards improving your reputation in the employment circles.

Run a Background Check

Background checks aren't standard, but if you work with at-risk people like the elderly or children, then they should be a standard step in your hiring process. You don't even need to handle these background checks yourself, and can instead hire employment screening services to vet your employees in-depth. You will get an employment background, personal background, and criminal checks all in one so you can rest easy knowing your shortlist is full of safe options.

Set Up Multiple Tasks to Determine the Right Fit for Your Brand

Improving your hiring process is how you'll secure top talent, even if it doesn't come in the box you were looking for. By opening up and lengthening the onboarding process, you can also ensure that your top choice is the right fit before committing. The extra effort here can help you hire a loyal, lifelong employee that will only increase their value as time goes on.


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