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Why Using the Right Staffing Agency When Recruiting for Executive Roles is Key

November 15 2019 - When it comes to the people who make up your business, you can't afford to make mistakes. Not having access to the best talent, being unable to get your vacancy seen by the best people, and wasting time sifting through unsuitable candidates are all pitfalls you can run into if you either don't use a professional recruitment agency at all, or you use the wrong one for your needs.

Executive Hires - The Stakes Are Higher

When it is any worker, bad hiring decisions can impact productivity, morale, and office culture, but when hiring issues arise at executive levels, it can be disastrous for a business. It doesn't have to be a case of hiring someone in good faith who turns out not to be up to the job, either. A perfectly qualified, experienced and professional person can simply not match the direction you want the company to go in, or have experience in a different phase of business to your own. These don't make the person hired incompetent, but when they are placed in a strategic role, can lead to far reaching issues. Hiring the right executives for your business then, is absolutely vital.

Casting a Wide Net

In order to find the right people, though, you need to be able to access a good-sized talent pool, and be able to effectively sell your vacancy as one that strong candidates will want to put themselves forward for. Does your company have a great culture? Are you in an exciting phase? Can you offer an especially good package for the right person? All of these things will help you win over good candidates, but only if they are aware of your position.

Working with a good staffing agency that has expertise in executive search will allow you to reach the right people, and will make sure your vacancy is marketed exactly right to appeal to the type of person you want. TruPath Search is a great example of an executive staffing agency who have built strong links to executive talent pools and are able to find appropriate candidates for executive positions in a wide range of sectors. When you are choosing an executive search firm, they are well worth talking to.


While hiring for senior positions can be as much about defining exactly what kind of skills and experience you want to be bringing on board, and selling yourselves to the right people as an employer, it is also a given that an executive role with all of its attendant perks and its salary will be something plenty of people would love to have. This can mean that recruiting can involve sorting the wheat from the chaff, in terms of finding the best people from a pool that may well include resumes from underqualified people who have overblown their experience, or people who are just applying for roles they would ultimately like but maybe aren't quite ready for on the off-chance.

Because executive hiring decisions are so important, the screening and vetting of applicants before even starting interviews can be a huge undertaking, and so this is another reason why having a staffing agency go through the initial processes for you can be an enormous advantage.

As you can see, the right staffing agency is always important when you're hiring, but for senior jobs, it can be something you really can't do without!


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