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Shine Above the Rest: How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

Sell Yourself

January 30 2020 - Does the word "interview" send a shiver down your spine? Are you proud of your achievements but become speechless when someone says "tell us about yourself"?

It's okay. All is not lost.

We all build interviews up in our heads so that when we arrive, we can barely remember our names.

You don't have to tread a fine line between bragging and modesty. There are better ways to sell yourself that are genuine, enthusiastic, and give clarity to the interviewer.

If you want to know how to sell yourself in an interview, you're in the right place.

Ready to find out? Let's get started.

1. Know Why You're There

This sounds silly but it's one of the most important starting points for owning that interview.

Are you there because you want to work for this specific company? Do you want this exact job and are keen to find out more about the company? Perhaps this job will be a challenge for you and you're keen to progress?

When you pin down a precise reason for attending the interview, you'll come across more confident and your answers will be more focused.

2. Understand Your Values

Values are immensely important in decision-making, from what to buy to where to live. While we don't consciously think about values very often, understanding them could transform your life.

No one wants to work in a role where they have to go against their values and compromise their integrity. When you figure out your own values, you'll understand your motivation for everything you do in life and work. By explaining your values in your interview, your interviewer  will see that you've applied to the role with thought, respect, and understanding.

3. Research Your Audience

Selling yourself in an interview is all about knowing who you're selling to. Is it a member of the HR team? Is it the person who'd be your supervisor? Is it the managing director?

Look them up and find out who they are and what they've done. This will help you understand what they value. If it's a member of the HR team, research the business and focus your answers around what the business stands for.

4. Explain With Examples

Saying you're a great team worker is all well and good but it's meaningless without an example.

Send a well-crafted experience letter along with your resume so when you receive an interview, you can choose examples relevant to what you wrote.

5. Look and Listen

It's easy to panic and forget to listen in an interview. Instead, slow everything down. Make eye contact with your interviewer and listen fully to the questions they ask you.

It's good to take a few seconds to think about the question before answering, this will show that you are truly paying attention. Listening and paying attention is one of the most powerful skills you can display in an interview as it shows you're calm and engaged.

Understand How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

If you want to know how to sell yourself in an interview, there are only a few key points to focus on.

Understanding your values and your motivation for being there will shine through to your audience. Listening closely and explaining with examples both show that you're engaged and care about the interview. With these things ticked off, you'll feel more prepared when you walk through the door and impress your interviewer with ease.

Follow us for more tips about getting the most out of your working life.


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