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Pre recorded video interview best practices

Prerecorded video games

",Iíd rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person."

December 21 2021 - Though quoted by Jeff Bezos, the above statement holds true for all the hiring managers out there. Hiring 'right' has become a need rather than a luxury today. A straightforward need such as this has led to the birth of a modern-day hiring marvel - pre recorded interview.

This is a unidirectional interview where the candidates are required to answer pre-defined questions through a video. This recording is then watched by recruiters who decide whether to invite the candidates for the actual interview or not, saving time for all the stakeholders.

However, like any other process, a pre recorded interview works well only if done the right way. This post is all about guiding you with the best practices both for recruiters as well as for candidates on how to nail a pre recorded video interview.

Pre recorded video interview tips for recruiters

Have an introductory video

Always include a video recording of yourself and the organization at the beginning of the process. Such video recordings will help candidates navigate through the process and have a good context about the company and the role. Here are a few things that you can include in this video -

  • Your introduction
  • Companyís introduction
  • What the role encompasses and what are the company's expectations
  • Next steps in the hiring process
  • A thank you note for the candidates

Send a user guide

Never assume that the candidates are experts and can handle any new process or software thrown at them. Many candidates might not be familiar with pre recorded video interviews and might struggle with it. For some, it might even be their first pre recorded video interview. So as a recruiter, it is your responsibility to share a tutorial video about the process to help candidates. The user manual could be a textual guide or even a demo video. Donít forget to talk about the equipment they might need along with supported browsers.

Ask the right questions

Most pre recorded video interviews are pretty short (not more than 2 minutes). During this time, you need to analyze the candidateís communication skills, body language, and passion for this role. Hence it is vital to ask the right questions that can help you gauge the above abilities of the candidate in this short time. Some of the must-ask questions include -

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What qualities make you unique?
  3. Why do you want to apply for this role and company?
  4. What are your biggest strengths?

Ask for feedback

It is essential to learn from your mistakes, and the best way to do it is by asking for feedback about the process from the candidates. Ask them what went well and what could be improved in the whole process. Incorporate valid feedback immediately to ensure that the experience is fruitful for all future candidates.

Pre recorded interview tips for candidates

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Go through the introductory video and the manual (if provided). Check for their requirements and what is expected out of you. Research about the companyís history, recent events, mission statement, and work culture. Go through your resume once again and be prepared with answers to any question that might crop up.

Once the preliminary research is done, prepare the environment. Ensure you have proper lighting, a good quality webcam, and high-speed internet. Most importantly, the recording area should be quiet.

Do multiple takes

Since it is a pre recorded video interview, you can go for multiple rounds of interviews. Try different modulation and body language before you finalize one that you think is right. Consistently improve from the previous attempt.

Speak clearly, try not to mumble, and don't rush the answer. Read and reread the questions and answer only what youíve asked for. Do not deviate as you have very limited time. Most importantly, be yourself, smile, show your personality, and have fun.

Follow up

Once you submit the answer, show professional courtesy by contacting the interviewer within a reasonable time. Send them a thank you note for giving you the opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Many companies have started incorporating pre recorded video interviews in their recruiting process due to the myriad of benefits it offers. But to extract the full potential of it, both companies and candidates should follow the best practices highlighted in this post. Once thatís done, the hiring process will be a breeze, and there will be minimal incorrect hires in the future.

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