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The Benefits of Having Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews

June 14 2022 - It's impossible to deny that the coronavirus pandemic has had sweeping effects on the relationship we have with work. It's accelerated many trends already in place, like the shift towards e-commerce, and sparked a conversation about how much power employees and employers should have, respectively. One of the main changes to come out of this period of tumult is a shift towards conducting virtual interviews for jobs.

How can virtual interviewing provide benefits to employers and prospective employees? Read on to learn about the benefits of virtual interviews today!

Virtual Interviews Widen Applicant Pools

With a traditional job interview, businesses limit themselves to applicant pools within a small geographic area. Whether or not a promising candidate can come to the interview depends on where they live. Virtual interviews remove the commute, making it easier to view applicants from out of state.

It's Easier to Scope Out Job Prospects

From a job candidate's perspective, it's easier to scope out your prospects when hours of your day aren't spoken for in travel time. Candidates can become more active in their job hunt without feeling like they're missing opportunities.

You Can Review Footage from a Virtual Job Interview

Employers, rejoice. With a recorded interview, you no longer have to rely on the intuition of HR. You can rewatch the video interview at any time during the hiring process. This makes it easy to spot potential signs of unease, cagey answers, or other red flags.

Candidates Perform Better in Virtual Interviews

Let's face it, the old-fashioned way to conduct interviews was stress-inducing for everyone involved. Potential hires felt pressured to perform an unnatural role, and interviewers trotted out the same boilerplate questions. No one enjoys that.

Even if they don't follow the AB Staffing Solutions guide, candidates perform better in virtual job interviews. Why? Well, in most cases, they're speaking from the comfort of their own home. This puts them at ease and prevents performance anxiety.

Better Flexibility for Both Parties

The last and most important benefit of virtual interviewing is flexibility. Gone are days filled with scheduling nightmares and playing phone tag. You and the candidate can sit down and decide on a virtual slot that works for them.

This opens up the workforce for many who have busy schedules. Students, parents, and elder caretakers struggled with the old way of doing things. Now, they can access jobs they might have otherwise lost out on.

Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Virtual Interviews?

Virtual interviews can reduce stress for both candidates and employers. They're flexible, they cost less, and they make it easier to find the perfect candidate. Now, you can ensure you have the right person for the job, not the good enough person who happened to be in the area.

So, are you ready to begin the virtual interviewing process? Whether you're a candidate or a hiring manager, you should check out the recruitment section of our website. We update regularly with more handy guides like this one!


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