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How to Provide Better Care for Your Employees

December 8 2021 - Many businesses around the country are facing workers shortages. The low pay and few benefits that they used to offer is quite simply not enough. It is time to revamp your offerings and improve the workplace culture from the ground-up. Business owners of all sizes have a responsibility not just to themselves, but also to those who work with them.

Get Comprehensive Workerís Compensation Insurance

When an employee is injured on the job, they deserve compensation to cover their medical expenses and loss of wages. What they should not do, however, is cost you personally. There is a reason why workerís compensation insurance is legally required in nearly every state, and itís for the same reason that you need auto insurance when you drive. Even if you are not legally at fault, you may still be financially responsible. With the right insurance you donít have to worry if an employee gets hurt on the job, because when they go and hire a top workerís compensation lawyer in San Bernardino, those lawyers wonít come after you, but rather they will ensure that your employee gets the most out of the insurance company to cover their medical costs, their loss of wages, and even pain and suffering.

The only time there would be an issue for you is if negligence on your behalf was involved, so ensure you provide a safe environment that adheres to guidelines and have insurance cover the rest.

Update and Review Your Guidelines Regularly

The world changes and so too does your workforce. It is important to review your code of conduct, rules, and guidelines regularly. Have an open suggestion box that is anonymous as well, so that your employees have an open avenue to help inform and improve their working conditions without feeling like they have to come forward and potentially risk their job or reputation in doing so. Similarly, stay on top of workerís rights and new discourse, so that you can continue to offer progressive protections for your workerís regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, background, or age.

Let Your Employees Choose Their Benefits

A great way to offer benefits that mean something is to offer a list, and then have your employees pick three or so from that list. This way they can cater the benefits to their lifestyle and needs. A single, child-free employee will likely want different benefits than an employee who has kids, for example. By being able to choose they can better support themselves and their work.

Offer Flexi-time and Flexible Working

The hybrid business model is here to stay. The fact is you donít need every employee to come in every day. All office positions can be handled remotely, even if you want to have a day or two per week where everyone comes in to make meetings more efficient and in-person. To make sure that you are getting better, if not similar results, operate on a deadlines and project basis. This way you can assign work for the week, track their progress, and offer flexible or remote working that suits your employees individually.

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