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Obtaining the Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)

merchant mariner credential

January 26 2023 - As the U.S. winds down COVID-19, the need grows for professional mariners to work on our nation's protective fleets.

The Mariners, who hold Merchant Marine credentials more called MMC, are on the front lines in protecting our world's oceans. Merchant Mariner credential holders volunteer their skills and vessels to perform hazardous duties.

If protecting the sea's "untouchables" is your dream, read on to learn how to get one. Read along to learn more!

Gather Your Documents

First, you will need to complete the Application form. This form will require your basic personal information and a medical fitness certificate. Additionally, you must provide evidence of United States Citizenship, such as a U.S. passport or birth certificate.

If you serve as a licensed officer, you must submit an Original License issued by the U.S. Coast Guard or another agency or an Original Certificate of Competency. Finally, general and special sea service time documents (particular records of service and form CG-719K and Sea Service Forms are acceptable) must be provided for any applicable timeframe. You will be ready to apply for the MMC by gathering all these documents.

Submit an Application

It would help if you first visited the National Maritime Center (NMC) web page. You can locate the MMC application at the bottom of the homepage. Once you click on the application, you will receive the necessary forms and documents to complete the application process.

Be sure to complete the required information, including a detailed description of your relevant sea service, US Vessel documents, a state-issued photo I.D., and any other required documents which vary depending upon which type of MMC you are applying for.

Once you have all the documentation, you can mail the application to the address listed on the NMC website, and you will be provided with a confirmation email when it has been received. After the application has been reviewed and processed, you will be able to receive the MMC.

Review and Take the Test

The test is going to assess your knowledge of laws, regulations, and procedures related to merchant mariner activities. It is also designed to evaluate your leadership and problem-solving skills. To prepare for the test, first, take a study guide to become familiar with the various topics.

It is also helpful to review the rules and regulations related to the MMC. Additionally, it is vital to ensure you understand the merchant marine industry's safety and security requirements. Once you feel confident in your preparation, you can schedule a time to take the test online.

Before taking the test, ensure you have the required documents, like proof of identity and a valid form of payment. After you have taken the test, review your results and make sure that you meet the required criteria to get your MMC. When you do, visit to start your career in the United States Coast Guard.

Get Your Merchant Mariner Credential Today

Your Merchant Mariner Credential is the gateway to an exciting new career and the way to get it is simple. Gather your documents, submit an application, and take the tests.

With proper preparation and compliance with the regulations of the USCG, you can receive your MMC, allowing you to pursue a career as a mariner. Start your journey now with our helpful guide for more information.

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