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Be the Professional That Every Company Wants to Hire: 5 Valuable Skills for the Next Decade

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May 2 2022 - Professional skills are always different for each company. Getting an up-to-date resume can be a complex task in this digital age. However, several job characteristics will help you earn a better position regardless of the field. Although technology is a dominant science, careers related to health, transportation, and construction lead the demand figures, according to Indeed.

What do a nurse and a data scientist have in common today? This article will discuss the skills you need on your resume to find a job in the 21st century. Below are the job profiles and skills that companies are looking for in the new talents of the job market. Discover the relevance of each skill and how it can help you in your career journey.

Adaptability and Resilience

Jobs are not the same as two years ago because now health has a more important and constant value in creating new projects. Companies are looking for leaders with the resilience to adapt, analyze, and seek solutions no matter the circumstances.

If you want to succeed in any work project, assess your level of adaptability and explain in your cover letter how you can keep up your pace in harsh environments.

Data Analysis and Cloud Computing

In the past, mastering tools like Excel was a useful and necessary gift in many occupations. The trend in this era did not change at all. Now, data science technology is a key part of data management for companies, organizations, and governments. Candidates who master this skill can increase their chances of being hired and command higher salaries.

One of the reasons that explain the demand for this skill is the digitization of business and commerce. Users now understand the impact of data processing on their financial growth, expense analysis, business performance, leads, and much more. Data analysis requires other cloud computing functions, these crucial systems are needed to manage large flows of information.

Proficiency in Blockchain Technology

The blockchain market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 56 percent between 2020 to 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. This means governments and companies will apply these resources to invest and manage their finances. If you master all the topics related to blockchain, trading, and cryptocurrencies, you can be a highly valuable asset for any company.

Usually, this field is related to the finance and economics industries. However, tech industry occupations also play a leading role in this market. If you choose any career path, you can apply and turn this skill into a productive resource.

Digital Literacy

Using digital tools is one of the most frequent activities in almost every job in the world. If you don't know how to operate mobile devices, computer programs, or management systems, you may face difficulties in certain occupations. Therefore, you should learn how to use digital tools and software that businesses typically use.

Work software optimizes company services. If you’re a tech-savvy individual, read about web development, software engineering, and application development. Digital literacy also encompasses remote work tools, which is a highly desirable skill in this century. Learn about video call platforms, job tracker software, project management programs, and more.

Emotional Intelligence

A great professional knows how to separate feelings from their professional goals. This aspect requires critical thinking, commitment, responsibility, and mental stability. Companies are looking for candidates with emotional intelligence. They must offer favorable working conditions, mental health assistance, and work environments to ensure the proper well-being of their employees.

Emotional intelligence is a fundamental virtue to make drastic decisions. These principles are vital to maintaining the corporate mindset and culture with any work team, no matter the circumstances.


Every professional wants to offer competitive services to succeed in their careers. The skills mentioned above help you with the advancement of your career, not only as an employee but as a leader of your own goals. Consider these points and get ready to reach the digital age workforce.

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